Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still waiting

At the moment, I'm still waiting to give birth which can happen any time now until end of the month. My ob/gyn said big chance that I'll give birth during this week because everything is ready. The baby's head is engaged very low. The cervix has diluted 2 cm. I just have to wait for a big major contraction that is strong enough to break the water. After the water breaks, the delivery of the baby will be pretty fast. So, I have to make sure I am not too far away from the hospital at this moment.

But now, I'm still waiting...and waiting...and waiting. I've been having painful contractions but not too strong. I can't sleep because I just got too excited and I keep on thinking about my son when I have to stay in the hospital to give birth. If only I could just take him to the hospital with me so that I can always see and monitor him....
I've got super paranoid about who will take care of my son other than me. I don't trust anyone at all, including my hubby.
Besides, I don't know why, my body feels extremely hot and I sweat so much even though I've set the air conditioner in my room to 16 degrees Celsius.

I want to be able to do so many things and also traveling around but at the moment, my mobility is really limited with such a huge tummy.This waiting period makes me feel agitated so easily. I also get bored and tired so easily. I get bored over so many things I usually love to do. I even get bored of checking emails, browsing internet, even writing a blog. So, I really need to finish this before I'm completely turned off.

Please pray for me so that I can have a smooth and quick delivery with my husband by my side (he's been tired of waiting also and just cannot wait to go overseas for his work assignment). Thank you so much in advance!


Greg Eberlein said...

Still? Best of luck to you and Alvin..... Looking forward to the first pictures of the new baby!

coffeeliqueur said...

Yeap..still waiting..:)
Thank you for your support, Greg! We miss you!!
Will email you the photos for sure.