Monday, July 27, 2009

Learning Tagalog

I have been having private tutoring sessions for Filipino language with my husband for nearly a month now and we are happy to say that we can understand a lot more words and can make more complete sentences in Tagalog.

We have fun learning the language together as my husband and I always try to compete with each other in understanding the language. Both of us have great passion in learning a new language. For us, it is important to be able to understand what the people talk about so that we can gain more knowledge about them, their culture, & their way of life so that we can interact with them and blend in easily.

My husband knows how to speak many languages very well. When I see him switching languages from one language to another, it's like choosing a language using a DVD remote control... :-)
For him, his knowledge of Spanish and Malay languages helps him in understanding Tagalog words. Many of Tagalog words are taken from the Spanish language as Philippines was occupied by Spanish for a very long time. Many Tagalog words are also similar with Malay language as Malaysian Malays were one of the first inhabitants of Philippines.

For me, though I don't speak Spanish, my knowledge of French and Indonesian languages help me to understand Tagalog words. In fact, some Tagalog words are the same as Javanese language (I found out from my tutor, the Indonesians were also one of many first inhabitants of Philippines) and I get the advantage of it as I can understand Indonesian Javanese dialect too. So, yeah, 50-50 for me and my husband. But when we did our 1st test, I scored better than my husband! That was because my brain is so empty…:D (My husband said if Albert Einstein heard this he would laugh at me because according to Einstein, he only used 5% of his brain when in fact he studied all the time. So, in a way I have admitted that I never study at all…:D).

Oh well, I think my brain has more space than my husband’s brain because I don't work at the office reporting to someone. So it is easier for me to remember things. Besides, I have studied well before we took the test and my husband had no time to study because he was very busy at work.

My husband has been practicing Tagalog with his colleagues and for me, I practice my Tagalog with my driver and my maid. I also get a chance to practice Tagalog when I go to the market and my maid and my driver always come to my rescue with no delay :D

It's great to be able to learn a new language especially with someone equally passionate about it.