Thursday, March 11, 2010

Puntafuego beach resort, Nasugbu, Batangas

I'm in the mid of a project called "keep my son away from the computer and games as much as possible". It has been 3 weeks since the last time my son played the computer games. I want my son to see that he can have fun by doing other things than just playing computer games. His addiction to the computer games has changed his attitude and behavior to the negative side although he is still one of top five in his class with the highest grade for the computer subject. I'm not proud about it at all. I am very concern about the changes in his attitude and behavior more, and this has led me to plan a family vacation out of town for the weekend.

My friend has suggested to go to a nearby beach in Batangas. There were many beautiful beaches in Batangas area; one of them is in Laiya, San Juan, and the 2nd one I know is on the opposite direction, Nasugbu. My family and I have never been to any of those beaches. We always go to the mountain on the weekend as we live near Tagaytay area. But then the beaches are really not far from where we live. The beaches are just 'behind' the mountain ranges just after Tagaytay. For more information you can visit this website:

At first we tried to book the Palm beach resort in Laiya, but it was fully booked. So, my friend suggested to try Nasugbu area. There are many beach resorts in Nasugbu like in Munting Buhangin and one of the best beach resorts is Puntafuego. Puntafuego is a private resort, so we had to get someone that has a property for rent in there. We were lucky cause we found one.
But then, 2 days before our booking date, my son fell sick with high fever. So, we had to change the date. My friend and I agreed to move the date to March 6 and 7. I prayed hard so that there wouldn't be anymore delays.

So, with God's blessing, we finally left for Puntafuego on the scheduled date very early morning. My friend and I have prepared so many kinds of food for everyone so that no one would go hungry. In fact we prepared too much food! :-D
Once we checked in, we quickly went to the beach as we didn't want to waste time at all.

When we arrived at the beach, we were in awe of the magnificent view in front of our eyes. The beach is surrounded by the mountain ranges. The sea was very calm. The water was very clean and so was the beach with white sand. My friend's children and mines could not wait anymore to swim in the shallow sea water. We quickly run to the beach ignoring the heat we felt on our feet because the sun was very hot already. It was 10am already and it's summer here in The Philippines. I prayed to God to let my children enjoy the moment and at the same time, God answered my prayer by sending some clouds to cover the sun so we could enjoy playing on the beach. God is really great!

For my daughter, this was her first time touching the sand. She was so amazed with the sand. She sat down complete with her sand castle maker toys, digging the sand, touching, smelling, and observed the sand so closely I thought she fell asleep! She was so engrossed in the sand observation, she was not too interested to swim in the sea. Her brother already run to the sea with his daddy and my friend's kids.

After a while, I took her to join her brother to swim in the sea. The shallow water was so clear we could see many fishes swimming around our legs. My children were ecstatic. They played with their water shooters and shot each other. They really did have fun. 

We stayed on the beach until lunch time, then we went back to the resort to have our lunch. We had some barbecue pork and sausages. After lunch the children enjoyed watching the DVD until they fell asleep. 

Just before diner time, we went out again to swim, but this time, we swam in the swimming pool of the resort. For my children and I, this was for the first we experienced outdoor night swimming. My daughter was so happy swimming she didn't want to get out of the pool to have dinner. She cried and cried. She wanted to swim longer. But I was afraid she's too cold because she's too small to swim at night. 
After dinner, we all went to bed immediately for we had planned to go to the beach early morning before the sun got very hot. 

The next morning, the only persons couldn't wake up early was my son. He was exhausted. So, I left to the beach first with my daughter. 
This was my first time to visit and to swim in the beach so early in the morning. I was very surprised with how calm the sea water was. There was no wind so there was no wave at all. The sun was still too shy to come out. It was so perfect condition to enjoy the sea water. 
I swam and swam and played with my daughter in the shallow water. We tried to catch the fishes, built a sand castle, dig the sand and buried our legs. I really enjoyed the moment I spent with my little daughter. She equally enjoyed the experience too. 
About an hour later, my son finally joined us to the beach. We all stayed in the beach until time to go home. On the way home, we stopped by to have lunch at Kainan Dalampasigan. This restaurant serves local dishes. What I like the best about this restaurant is the 'jungle' theme interior design of the restaurant. It's like finding a jungle in the middle of the beach...:) What a great idea!

My children really enjoyed the beach so much they refused to go home. Everyone was exhausted but very happy with the trip. We sure want to plan the same thing for the next trip to a different beach.
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mazzini said...

Nice Pictures. ganda talaga ng mga beach sa batangas. lalo na sa San Juan atTalisay.

Anonymous said...

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misa said...

That really good that you practice your kids not focusing on computers.
anyway, there are lot's of beautiful beach resorts in Batangas, I've been in Bauan, Calatagan, Cuenca, Calaca, Ibaan, Laurel, Lian and i really enjoy staying at this places. You must really try it. So peaceful and you will surely will have a nice vacation here. I will surely come back and see more other beach resorts in Batangas.

lito said...

ang dami talgang mgagandang lugar at masasarap na pagkain sa batangas

im proud to be batangueno

batanggenyo said...

nasugbu batangas have some nice batangas resort. truly one of the best.

Boracay Resorts said...

Meron kame kamag-anak sa batangas eh, pero d pa ko nakakapunta dyan.. Ganda ba dyan?