Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008 to all

It's still too early to get ready for new year countdown so I thought of writing my last post for 2007.

In 8 hours 11 minutes I'm going to say good bye to 2007 and welcome 2008 with hope of a better things in life.
On this great opportunity, I'm going to do the flashback to highlight some great things that happened in 2007.

2007 has been a great year for me. Things are definitely getting a lot better towards the end of the year. In fact, this year's Christmas is the best Christmas I have had since I moved to Malaysia. It was a simple Christmas as I told you before in my previous post, but what made it the best is that I celebrated Christmas with people that mean the most to me with all the love and affection and joy that I never had before. I felt very happy because I did not have to go to places where my heart refused to go. So I didn't have to pretend to be happy and this has really made me happy. Sounds confusing, huh? :D

In November 2007, my very best friend came to visit me from the faraway land. Her visit cheered me up and brightened up my days. That was a visit I had been waiting for 3 years. Her visit meant a lot to me and to my mental health... :)

Before her visit, I went back home with my husband and son for Idul Fitri holiday and got a chance to meet up with my cousins whom I hadn't met for years. In June-July, my folks visited me and they brought along my beloved uncle and aunt. I never had so many companies and so many people cooked for me before. Their visit also meant a lot to me and I would love them to visit me again in 2008.

And then, the biggest, the greatest moment happened in May 2007 because one of my dream has been fulfilled. I finally managed to visit Vatican, and not only that. I also managed to kneel down and pray in front of the tomb of the great Pope John Paul II. Who am I for I am so blessed? I am only a teacher's daughter with great traveling experiences.
Thanks to my great friend who tried to keep his promise though it took him 10 years to fulfill it. Thank you, my friend! I am very blessed to have you back as my best friend. Yeah...I 'lost' 1 friend but I 'found' my long-lost best friend back in 2007.

Continue on...
In April 2007, I got a chance to visit Malacca. Though it was only 2 day-trip, it has left great impression on me. I hope someday I could visit Malacca again.
In March 2007, I visited Singapore and met a number of old friends whom I miss a lot. That 5 day- trip was great. I took my son to Sentosa Island for the first time.
In late February early March 2007, I went back home and stayed there for nearly a month. It was quite the longest stay for the past 4 years. I attended the important meeting with WRM (We R mommies) in conjunction with its 3rd birthday. I met many new great friends in there.
Then finally, since end of December 2006 until early February 2007, I was very busy with my husband's family to prepare the Chinese New Year, the year of Pig.

As you can read above, I did not have a quiet year in 2007. It is a traveling year for me.
But in 2008, I won't be traveling too much because my son will start his kindy in January and I have promised my husband to learn Mandarin together with him...;)
Let's see...hopefully, by end of this year, I will be able to speak Mandarin so that I can start planning to visit China in 2009..upppsss..then I'll miss the Beijing Olympic 2008... :(
But it's ok. I want to visit China to see the Great Wall and to visit my friend.
Yeah...I think 2008 is going to be a 'quiet' year for me. It's going to be a year of learning and collecting new skills.
I hope 2008 will bring more joy, luck, wealth, health, and happiness for every one because according to the Chinese, 2008 is a good year. Though I am not Chinese, I'm married to one so it makes me half Chinese already... :)
Oh by the way, I almost forget. 2008 is a leap year! Yay! Another leap year is coming! Yay! I'm jumping for joy. You know why? because I will be able to celebrate my 2nd wedding anniversary! I pray so that 2008 will also be a great year for me and my marriage life.

I still have many dreams to fulfill and I am a person with strong determination. When I want something, I will try to get it no matter how long it takes.

So, to every one who visits The Coffeeliqueur way, Happy New Year 2008! May this 2008 will bring all great things in your life so that 2008 will be a great year for you all.
Come back often just to see if I can speak Mandarin already... :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Flood and landslide in Indonesia

I have just talked to my dad on the phone and he asked me to go read the latest news about Indonesia. It's news about flood and landslide which claimed many lives in Java island caused by very heavy rain that can last for hours.

My dad who is in Yogyakarta and is supposed to drive to Surabaya tomorrow is thinking of canceling the trip to Surabaya because of heavy flood around the Bengawan Solo area.
My dad told me that it rains heavily everyday in Yogyakarta and the hilly area such as Tawangmangu has been hardest hit by the landslide. Oh my God! Tawangmangu that I know is a very beautiful place. I used to visit this place for vacation to see the waterfall.

As I'm writing this post, I'm reading the online news about my country at Metro TV online.
The bad news keeps popping up as the headlines. The flood also happens in Jakarta (not surprise about this), in West Sumatera, and other parts of Indonesia.
Indonesia is very prone to natural disaster, especially during the end of the year. I don't deny the fact that Indonesia geographical position is not actually in a good position either. Being in the pacific ring of fire makes Indonesia very prone to earthquake and any volcanic related disasters. Years of deforestation has left many areas in Indonesia, especially in Java island, with very little vegetation to hold the soil and this has caused the flood and landslide during tropical downpours. Don't forget about forest conversions and chaotic spatial planning that happens in every part of Indonesia. On top of that, many Indonesians still adopt the attitude of I-don't-care-about-other-people-and-my-next-generation-as-long-as-I-get-what-I-want-now towards the environment and the government is also not pushing any 'love the environment' policies hard enough. They only act when the disasters strike. It's a bit too late, isn't it?

As 2008 is approaching, I hope to hear better news about Indonesia and in the mean time I can only pray hard so that my country always survives any tragedies and natural disasters, the number of victims reduces and every one can get back to normal life as soon as possible.

Click here if you want to read the complete news.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

All I want for Christmas is Doraemon

Anyone knows Doraemon? If you like Japanese cartoon character, I'm sure you'll know Doraemon, the blue cat-like robot that has a magic pocket full of anything you want (I should rather say, Nobita wants). Nobita is Doraemon's friend who likes to cry and when he cries his tears pouring out heavily every where...:D

When I was small, I loved to see Doraemon in the TV together with my brother. After I woke up from a nap and took shower, I would be ready to watch the show while waiting for dinner to be ready. Even when I was in college, my flatmate called me Nobita because I used to cry a lot and when I cried, my tears poured out every where just like Nobita...:D

So, when I knew Doraemon was coming to town, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to relive my childhood memory. I took my son to get up close and personal with Doraemon after the Sunday mass just before Christmas.
Actually, my son doesn't really know who Doraemon is and he didn't seem so interested at all...:( It was me who tried my best to get as close as possible to this blue cat-robot. My son was more interested in the fake snow falling down from the snow-making machine...:)

This was the stage for Christmas with Doraemon.

Before Doraemon came out, there was a choir caroled to cheer up every one that visited the mall.

Doraemon!! This was as close as I could get...:)

This is Nobita. My son who was with my maid actually bumped to him so close but I was somewhere up in the 2nd floor to get this photo.
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008

Looks like Christmas this year is going to be the simplest Christmas I have so far.

I only received 1 card so far and I don't put up any Christmas decorations at all in my house; no Christmas tree, no presents, and not even a 'Merry Christmas' sign. My house is so plain as if I did not celebrate Christmas at all.

Up to present, I still cannot decide where to go for my special Christmas diner. I have been to almost all restaurants in Ipoh that supposedly serve good food... :)
Unfortunately in Ipoh there are very limited choices of fine dining restaurant to go to for a special occasion like Christmas. Unlike Penang, Selangor, and Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh only has a few fine dining restaurants such as Indulgence and Brewster for western food, Oversea and Tai Thong for chinese food. So, I really have no idea where to go for my Christmas feast because I am not in the mood to travel for 2 hours (sans traffic jam) to Penang or KL just to eat.

Anyway, that's not important. The most important thing for me during Christmas is that I get a chance to spend more time with my husband and my son.
Merry Christmas and in case I don't have a chance to go online, Happy New year 2008 to you all.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Telefon bimbit, had, and telor mata kerbau

My Indonesian friend came over to visit me from a far away land and this was her 1st visit to Malaysia.

When I took her for a drive around the city, she admitted to me that she got confused with Bahasa Melayu (Malay language) spoken here in Malaysia. I was very surprised when she told me this because I thought she would not have difficulties understanding Bahasa Melayu at all since she comes from Sumatera island. I thought the melayu people in Sumatera speaks the same Bahasa melayu like the Malaysians. So, when she told me that the language is completely different, my eyes were round and my mouth was gagged in disbelieving her explanation.

Her confusion in Malay language started when she was on board of the aircraft on the way to Kuala Lumpur. She said she could not understand what it means when the flight attendant mentioned about telefon bimbit in the airplane. The word sounded so strange to her ears.

I told her that usually telefon bimbit is mentioned together with cakera padat and komputer riba by the flight attendant making the safety announcement on board. "Yes..Yes..that's right!" she said. I informed her that telefon bimbit means cellular phone, cakera padat means compact disk, and komputer riba means laptop. "Whua...ha...ha..." I heard her laughing so loudly and continued "I always thought komputer riba means something bad because 'riba' in Indonesian language means lintah darat (usury - english)." "Whe..he..he.." It's my turn to laugh now... :D
Then I continued, "Yeah...the same one as the word 'budak'. Budak in Malay language means kanak-kanak (children - english) but in Indonesian language means slave."

"Oh gosh! It's better to speak English then and just understand the English version because even though I do understand bahasa melayu, some of the words means completely different from words I understand." my friend concluded.
"Yes, that's right. But when you stay in Malaysia long enough, you'll learn to speak like the Malaysians and you'll grow to understand the differences of the 2 languages." I told her.

Then when I was about to turn into a one way road, my friend read a sign board that says, "Jalan sehala". She started her inquest about the difference in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Melayu again. "What's that 'Jalan sehala'? I don't remember bahasa Indonesia has that word." She said. I smiled at her. While continued driving I explained to her that 'jalan sehala' means 'one way road' or 'jalan satu arah' in bahasa Indonesia.
Then I heard her saying, "Kalau gitu, jalan dua arah bahasa melayunya jalan 2 hala?" (That means, 2-way road in malay language is jalan 2 hala?)
"Yeap. That's right.", I nodded.

Then I drove into a tunnel. In front of a tunnel there is a sign board that mentioned about the height limit of vehicles that can pass through the tunnel. My friend asked me again, "What is 'had'?"
"It means 'limit' or 'batas' in bahasa Indonesia.", I answered. "Oh...I see..", she said.

"Geez!! I never expected that Malay language is a lot different compared to Indonesian language.", my friend told me.
"Well, I thought at first you would easily understand the Malay language because you come from Sumatera where all the malay-Indonesian live.", I said.
"Yah...but we have our own malay-Indonesian language which is different. Each area has its own local dialect, such as the people in Medan speak different dialect compared to people in Padang and Palembang or Riau.", she explained to me.
"Yes. I agree.", I understand her explanation.
"Luckily, I have you to help me translating the Malaysian language to me. Otherwise, I would misunderstand everything and get more confused with these strange words that sound funny to my ears. By the way, you already have that Malay accent! You don't speak like a Javanese anymore!", my friend told me.
"Wha...ha..ha..Thanks mate!", I blushed... :D

I was glad that another person has proved it that Malay language is not the same as Indonesian language and admitted that it's better to use English to avoid misunderstanding since most Malaysians understand English while at the same time trying to understand the Malay language in Malaysian way, not the Indonesian way... :)

Just yesterday, I found another Malay words that sound so strange and funny to my Indonesian ears. The word is 'telor mata kerbau'. If I translate these words one by one:
telor (egg - english) - telur (Indonesia)
mata (eye - english) - mata (Indonesia)
kerbau (buffalo - english) - kerbau (Indonesia)
But the whole words actually mean sunny side-up egg. In bahasa Indonesia, we also have nearly similar expression, but we use 'cow' instead of 'buffalo', so sunny side-up in bahasa Indonesia is telur mata sapi...;)
I wonder what my friend would say about this...he..he..he..

Thursday, December 06, 2007

When you come and go and say nothing at all

When you come to visit me from the far away land, it is for the first time I have a genuine smile on my face. The smile that is so warm and so encouraging to tell people that I can face the world.

Even a week before you come, for the first time, I have completely lost my anger to the world and got back my sanity. Nothing could seem to ignite my anger and disappointment. Suddenly everything seemed so bright and beautiful. This continues on for 3 days you are with me.

Then you go away...
Your departure brings back all the anger and the disappointment in me.
I am back to the insane me trying to face the world on my own.

You and I know exactly that 3 days are not enough to redeem the time we have lost for being apart. The moment we are together, we realize that things have changed. Things are not the way we had when we were together. We know we have to move on and try our best to maintain the bond despite all the changes. So, we let things flow and say no word to avoid confrontation because we treasure this rare reunion so much more than anything else in the world.

You often stressed to me that everything happens for a reason and to me, God has a very good reason to let me have you as my best friend, my angel without wings and I thank God for this.

Thank you for taking good care of me when I am in dire need of a company. You are there for me any time any way. I'm sorry for not being able to repay this. I was incapacitated myself when you needed me but my dear friend, my prayers are with you always where ever you are and what ever you do.

Thank you for the best 3 years and 3 days in my life.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Let's get busy

It's 6:08pm when I started to write this post and I have been up and have been working for 12 hours straight. No lunch break and no shower yet for the whole day...wha..ha..ha.. :D

Excuse the smell but I really need to finish my work for today. Once I finish writing this post, I'll fly to take a shower and have my 1st meal for the day. Fuih!! I'm starving now that I realize I haven't eaten the whole day. I only had a cup of decaf with creamer in the morning to wake me up a bit.

After being absent for more than a month, today, I'm trying to revive my items sold on eBay Malaysia. This is my 2nd online store actually. My 1st online store is at

I have been selling stuffs online for 1.5 years now. I've received 100% positive feedbacks from my customers who were happy to deal with me.
Lately, ebay Malaysia has upgraded its website and service. It started to apply charges on some services which were free. But I still have to use it until I can have my own domain name.

Unlike my 1st online store, Art at your leisure, which concentrate mostly on art and craft projects, my 2nd online store on eBay Malaysia sells many different things which are good bargain, unique, and beautiful. Since the items are located in Malaysia, I use Ringgit Malaysia for the price. The price is very reasonable (some are very cheap) especially if you earn Pound sterling/Euro for a living... ;P
You can check it out. My items are great for gifts for people you love and care about. I use Pos Malaysia to ship my item.

This is the least I can do to help my husband to pay the bill. I know this is nothing at all compared to the amount stated on the bills...whe..he..he.. :D
At least this will keep me really really busy (honestly! Working at home is a lot busier than working in the office) and this will also exercise my multitasking skill to the maximum to compete with the Intel Processor... ;) so that I learn to manage my time well and prioritize my duty as a mother, a house-queen, a home-based businesswomen while still trying to stay fit by going to the gym and exercise regularly. Geez, 24 hours is never enough!