Thursday, April 24, 2008

Checked Baggage Handling Fee@Air Asia

Pay attention people! If you fly with Air Asia, starting 21 April 2008, you have to pay for checked baggage handling fee of RM3/bag-one way (if you pay online) or RM5/bag-one way (if you pay at the check-in counter).

For more information, please check Air Asia website:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The sweetest thing

Last night, after came back from the hospital (previous post), again, I had a big argument with my other half in the kitchen. My 3.5 year old son heard it and run to the kitchen to see us. He saw me crying and asked me, "Why are you crying, mommy?" I told him nothing happened. Mommy was just a little bit sad. Then he came up closer to me and tapped my leg and said, "It's ok, mommy. Don't cry! Don't be sad!" He took my hand and asked me to sit down. I sat down (while still sobbing).

Then my son came up to me again with his red ball, gave it to me and said, "Here my ball, mommy. I give this ball for you. Don't cry anymore. Don't be sad, ok?" Then he took his cookies and gave it to me while saying, "Here my cookies, mommy. You can have them all. I give my cookies all for you. Don't cry, ok?" While sobbing, I really couldn't stop smiling. My son saw it and said, "Mommy is smiling. Mommy is not crying anymore. Mommy is happy again because I gave everything for mommy." Then he asked me again, "Why are you sad, mommy?" I tried to put myself together and answered him, "Looks like daddy forgot how to love mommy." Then I heard my little boy said, "Daddy, daddy, you have to love mommy. Come here! Come here! I show you how to love mommy. this (while hugging me and kissing me)." Then he continued, "Now you do, daddy! You hug mommy and you kiss mommy." His daddy did what he said. Then my boy said, "Like that, daddy. Like that. You love mommy. Good daddy!"

This time, I really put on a big smile on my face. My son looked extremely happy to be able to make me smile again. He thought his mission is accomplished and he returned to watch his shows on tele.
My son is the definitely the best medicine for my great depression. This little man is the sweetest person I know and I'm so glad I'm his mother.

Temporary memory lost

Yesterday was the worst day in my life. I had a big argument with my other half. So, to release the anger, I walked aimlessly touring Ipoh town for about 2 hours in the mid of the day. When I got very hungry, I stopped by at the hospital closes to my house to have lunch at the coffee shop there. I was very sad, tired, thirsty, and hungry. In the coffee shop I was greeted by a group of nurses from the pediatric clinic and I also met the nurse from my O & G clinic. Talking to them has made me forget for a while about my sadness.

The nurse from O & G saw that I looked very tired and unwell. So, she suggested me to see the specialist to get checked. So, I got my urine checked first before seeing the specialist. From the urine test, the nurse found out that I was dehydrated, exhausted, and there was high level sugar content in my urine. It was a red alert for every one. So, my specialist quickly assessed my condition and my baby. He suspected I suffered from great depression and referred me to a different specialist from different hospital.

Once every thing's done at O & G, I quickly called a taxi to take me to the referred hospital. When the operator asked me to give my name, my contact number, and the address, suddenly, I just could not remember a thing. Suddenly my mind was blank. It was like a chunk of my memory was removed from my brain. I forced to remember but I just could not!
The operator asked me to read the information from somewhere but I just couldn't get any information to help me remember other than the name of the hospital as my pick up point. Luckily not too long, the taxi arrived and I showed the taxi driver where I want to go by showing the reference letter from O & G specialist. Along the way, I tried hard to remember things about me, but I just couldn't.

When I arrived at the other hospital, I was sent to the right clinic by the front desk officer. In the clinic, again, I had difficulty to give my details for registration. The nurse asked me to sit down and tried my best to remember things about me slowly. Suddenly I remembered that I had a name card. So, I took out my name card and gave the details in there. I was very happy. From there, I could remember my details again.
When doctor saw me, I told him what had happened. He said that temporary memory lost that I suffered from was triggered by the great depression I had.
He prescribed me some medicine, but I think I wouldn't need the medicine if only I had enough support and love from the people around me.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Walk slowly, mommy!!

Yesterday morning I fell down in front of the lift of my apartment. I twisted my ankle and bumped my right shoulder on the floor. I didn't remember how exactly that happened. It happened very fast. I was talking to my husband while walking towards the lift. I didn't notice there were puddles on the floor. Suddenly I was already on the floor and feeling a tremendous pain on my left leg. I laid still on the floor, didn't dare to move a muscle. I was in shock. The first thing came to my mind was the baby in my womb. "My baby. I hope my baby is ok." I kept on repeating that sentence. My husband was in shock too. He tried to help me to get up again. He kept on asking me if I was ok or not.

When I finally managed to get up again, I couldn't say a word. I was still too numb to speak and worried so much about my baby. I quickly checked if I was bleeding or not. There was not any blood coming out of my body. Fuih!! Thank you, God! I knew I couldn't blame anyone. It was my fault. I was not careful enough; but according to my husband, my slippers were to blame. He kept on blaming me for wearing the slippers because the slippers didn't have a good grip anymore. Never mind my slippers, it was all my fault for not paying attention while walking. I just prayed hard so that the baby was not affected at all.

The whole day all I could do was laying down on the bed feeling the pain all over my body. I sprained my left ankle. My right shoulder and my right hip got blue black bruises. I hope I fell down on my side so that my baby bump was untouched.

I couldn't come down to pick up my son when he returned from school. When he saw me laying down on the bed, he asked me, "What happened with you, mommy?" I told him I fell down and sprained my ankle. With his serious face while holding my hands, he said to me, "That's why you have to walk slowly, mommy. If you walked slowly, you will not fall down anymore."
Wha..ha..ha..I tried my best to hide my smile and put on my sad face and said, "Oh yes, darling. Thank you for your advice. I'll walk slowly next time, ok?" Then I saw him smiling at me. Oh my boy! He's just the best thing that ever happened to me. I pray so that the second baby will be as brilliant as the big brother.