Thursday, August 07, 2008

Too many questions

My son is coming to 4 years old and he is entering the age when he knows he can use how, why, what, where, who, whose, and when to ask questions to every one to feed his curiosity. He will ask questions about anything to the very detail until you really have no idea how to answer him and wish that he stops questioning you. His questions can be very ridiculous or sounds weird and funny. For example, he asked me "Why today is raining?", "Why am I a boy and aunt Hanna is a girl?", "Why baby is inside mommy's tummy?", "How can baby go inside mommy's tummy?", "Why the train track is very long?". When I gave him the answer, he would continue his interrogations until I run out of answer.

Some people who have no patient will just keep quiet, don't bother to answer him and let him repeating the same question again and again. But my husband and I will try our best to answer every question he poses to us as tactful and careful as possible. There are times that we really gag because we need to think the best and the most appropriate words to explain to him so that at one point he will be satisfied and end his interrogations with "Oh I see." When he says that, we know he is satisfied and will stop questioning us for a moment before the next questions come up again about a different topic. We try to feed him with information as correct and accurate as possible because we don't want him to get the wrong understanding over things he asks. We will also refer him to his encyclopedia books, his children dictionary, or the information from TV shows to give him visual information so he can digest it easily.

It's not easy really. It's very frustrating sometimes because we just can't do anything when he starts to bug us with his questions. He will chase us and corner us until we give him answers that satisfy him. His teacher also informed me about this. At school, my son will ask his teacher so many questions about things he is interested in but when he is not interested in the subject, he will just sleep in the classroom...:)

The only time my son will stop asking questions is when he is busy doing his art work such as painting, coloring, and drawing, and when he is playing with his computer. He will be very silent and concentrate fully on his work. Even when he sleeps he will still ask questions! My husband and I have to wake up and answer his questions until he is satisfied with our answers and he'll go back to sleep.

Geez... he is like a computer that is hungry for some data. He takes all the answers, stores in his brain to be retrieved whenever he needs the data. If it's not enough, he'll try to get more input from any sources... :D

My husband and I can't wait until he can read so that we can guide him to get the answers from many sources not only from books and TV channels (TVIQ, Discovery, National Geography, Animal Planet, and The History Channel) but also from the internet.

In the mean time, we are quite happy to read things for him and try our best to feed his curiosity with the best knowledge possible.
This reminds me of my favourite McDonald commercial I saw in New Zealand years ago. The ad showed a little girl was having a conversation with his daddy and asked him where baby came from. Her daddy gagged for a while because he was a bit reluctant to answer her so he came out with "McDonald!" and the little girl was happy to talk about what to order and end her sentence with, "then you will tell me all about it." Which means she would still require her daddy to answer her first question "Where baby comes from?"...:D

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