Monday, September 01, 2008

My bundles of joy

Finally, the wait is over.

The latest addition to our family was born last week at 7.45pm after 8 hours of labor at exactly 39 weeks. Our beautiful baby girl was 3.72kg and 53 cm when she was born.
There were 7 other babies who were born on the same day and she was the biggest one.

Nothing couldn't be more perfect that day to bring her out to this world. God had the best plan ever for me to deliver the baby; the father was there filming the birth process, the ob/gyn was there handling everything very professionally and my request for epidural was right on time too. Other than the unbearable tremendous pain that I had to go through after being induced, everything else was such a wonderful experience for me and for my husband.

The only person that was not able to share this happy moment that day was my 1st child. He had to stay at home the whole day and didn't have a chance to see mommy since morning. He cried so much on the phone wanting to see me when I was in the middle of labor. The last time he saw mommy was in the morning when mommy sent him to school. He missed his mommy and didn't understand why mommy had to stay long in the hospital. Only the next afternoon he was able to visit mommy and saw his baby sister for the first time. He grinned from left to right and hugged mommy so tightly while declaring, "I love my baby sister!"


johnorford said...

both r v cute!! u most b extremely proud : )

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Tia for baby Maria Arabella Ow.
She is a precious one i believe.
Tia, she is your 2nd child, people said it should not as pain as the 1st. But you're not..
huauaua ;( makes me so paranoid.
Congrats to your Alvin & beloved son

coffeeliqueur said...

Thank you Ika!!
For the 2nd one: Labor time shorter but more painful. It's more painful than the 1st one because I was induced on the 2nd one because the cervix stopped dilating at 4cm. On the 1st delivery, I didn't need to be induced. I didn't even know that the cervix has dilated 8cm when I arrived at the hospital.
Nah...don't be paranoid! There is always epidural option to help you to ease the pain, just don't request it too late. With epidural, u won't feel the pain at all but u can still push to have your normal delivery.

coffeeliqueur said...

Thank you, john. I'm a very proud mother of 2 cute children..:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It must have been a wonderful experience for you, despite the pain and missing your son. Oh, thanks for the taxi info for Ipon. We made good use of it during our stay in Malaysia in August. Thanks a lot. Wishing your baby health and happiness all her life! Siuyu