Monday, August 04, 2008

A mother's story

Oahemm...sorry, I'm yawning. I'm extremely sleepy at the moment. I have not been having enough sleep for the past 1 week because first of all, the weather is very very hot. Ipoh has been so dry and hazy. Second of all, I have this terrible flu that makes my nose blocked. Even without the blocked nose, I already have difficulty breathing because of my growing belly that compresses my lung capacity. So, every night, I'm like a fish that needs some water.

I'm sorry about the whining and the complaining. I'm not in the mood of talking about good things. My brain is half asleep already but I still can't sleep because I have to watch my son who suddenly for no reason, has developed rashes all over his body since yesterday morning. I have to make sure he is not too hot otherwise the rashes will worsen and he won't stop scratching here and there until his body is very red. I can't stand to see him suffering like that.

Last night I didn't not sleep at all. Every time I was about to shut my eyes, my son woke up and started to scratch his body and I just had to put the lotion to soothe him down so that he could sleep again. The rashes go away as soon as I apply lotion directly on the affected area. I have no idea what causes the rashes to develop. My hubby thought it was the Dettol soap that my son used 2 days ago because his baby soap run out. But the rashes actually developed when he did not even showered with that Dettol soap and since that rashes developed, he has been showered with his own baby soap. Still the rashes come out when my son feels hot.

I'm going to take him to see his paediatrician soon. Hopefully, tonight, my son will be able to sleep well. I am very exhausted. Oh well, this is part of my duty to be a mother, right? It is in my job description as a mother that I have to stay awake at night and take care of my children's well being while others snore so loudly. I take this as an exercise before my baby comes out. Once I'm in labour, whe..he..he.., I can say 'good bye' to a good night sleep until at least a year later. I have known this when I choose to become a mother. It's tough but the reward is the heaven under my feet... :)
There is a saying in my language that goes like this: "Surga dibawah telapak kaki ibu" - The heaven is beneath a mother's feet. So, yeah, despite all the sacrifices and the complains I make, I am very proud to be a mother.

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johnorford said...

hang in there! these things pass!! (well in a few years at least ;))