Friday, December 29, 2006


December has always been a busy month for everyone. A long holiday to celebrate Christmas and New Year has made people go crazy with all the plans on the best way celebrating these important events of the year. This December, my husband and I have planned to spend our holiday in Malacca. But unfortunately, due to floods, we are forced to cancel it. You can read more about floods in Malaysia from The Star Newspaper.

December is also the best time to go for shopping as many shopping malls will have beautiful Christmas and New Year decorations. The shops will offer many year end sales (such as Year End Sale in Malaysia). There will be loads of Christmas and New Year activities on the shopping malls to attract more shoppers.

When December comes, every one suddenly seems so important to me. Some will make sure that I remember them during this month... ;-)
Surely this will make it more difficult for me to decide what will be the best present to give them. The worst part is that I believe in my own translation of 'best present' to give to people. The gift I thought was unique, would turn out to be weird to their eyes. The gift I thought was simple and modest, would make them think I am a very cheapskate person. The gift I thought was thoughtful, would actually offend them. It is really not easy for me to meet these people's expectations when my head goes to a different direction.

I personally don't care about what people give to me. It's the thought that counts. The fact that they have made an effort to put my name in their list is something that should be appreciated. To tell you the truth, I really want to have a friend as my Christmas gift. Yeap, just a friend/s, a true friend/s that is always ready to forgive and forget, never expects anything in return or never expects me to give more than what she/he has given me.

Christmas is about sharing and forgiving. Unfortunately, many people remember that Christmas time is a time to exchange gifts only, so, if they don't get the gifts like what they have expected, they are ready to NOT forgive for the whole coming year. It's sad really. I'm sure when Christ is born, He does not to like to face this kind of attitude from the people around Him.

For me, the month of December indicates the start and the end. December indicates the starting of preparation for my heart and my mind for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ by learning to forget other people's mistakes and forgive them and also by learning to accept people just the way they are though I always find it hard to do.

December also indicates that this year is nearly end. It indicates that all the good and bad things that have happened in my life this year will or may have to come to an end so I have to get ready for a new chapter in my life with new exciting things in a different roller coaster ride.

And today is just 2 days before December ends. Already have many things been going on in the country I live in. The floods in Johor, Malacca, and other parts of the country, have forced many people to end the year with a bitter memory of this year, losing their most precious things in their lives. The disruption of the internet world because of the earthquake in Taiwan, has forced many netters feeling numb as they don't know what to do without the internet forgetting that the people in Taiwan are suffering more because of the earthquake.

With so many ups and downs going on in our lives, many of us hope for a better year this coming new year. As for me, I hope to become a better person who deserves a better roller coaster ride this coming year. In the meantime, as the clock ticks approaching midnite of the last day in December this year, I am trying to cherish every moment I have with all people that I love where ever they are, near and far, as they have become beautiful part of my life in their special way.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas to you all

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Il Divo Live Concert in Kuala Lumpur

If I'm allowed to have a free translation on the word "Il Divo", I will translate it to "Men of my dream"...Yeap, men of my dream.
David Miller, Carlos Marin, Sebastian Izambard, and of course, my favourite, Urs Buhler, have all things I have ever dreamt of a man should be. They are gorgeous, neat, cool, nice and have voice of angels.
I have goose bumps everytime I hear them singing. With their magnificent voices and with such perfect combination, they take me to the land of my dream as if they sang their songs to me's only in my dream that they would sing their songs especially for me unless I watch them on TV all by myself.
I could actually make my dream come true by watching their concert when they come to Malaysia next month, but unfortunately, the ticket is so expensive and I really cannot afford to buy it even for the cheapest one.These men of my dream will continue to be part of my dream even when they are going to start their World tour from Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. They will perform for a 1 night show only on the 16th January 2007 at the Plenary hall, KLCC.
From 8 December 2006 - 7 January 2007, CIMB bank berhad is having Il Divo contest for all its account holders. The grand prize is 2 priceless Royal Box tickets, a chauffer driven ride in a BMW to the concert, dinner for 2 at Lafite and a 2-night stay in a suite at the Shangri-La Hotel, plus invitations for 2 to an exclusive function with Il Divo.CIMB also will give away a pair of RM500 or RM1000 ticket to other 50 lucky winners of the contest. To win the ticket, you need to have CIMB/SBB/BCB account, fill up the contest form, answer 3 simple questions and tell them why you and your friend would like to see Il Divo Live. The best statement will win the grand prize. The winners will be announced on the 9 January 2007.
I wish I could win the CIMB grand prize...hiks.. :'(
It would really be a dream come true to me to be able to watch the men of my dream sing right in front of my eyes and come to a function where I would be able to have a chit-chat with them. You wish, Potter!! Yeah..yeah..I wish... :'(

Monday, December 11, 2006

Just google it...

The first time I heard about google was in 2000 from my husband's friend who was doing a research with Stanford University.
At that time, google was unheard of. So, when he used google as his main search engine, I questioned him why he chose to use not-so-popular search engine with a weird name and a boring homepage. He told me that google was just a search engine. Though it looked super simple, it used a very good search algorithm and even ranked the results so it's easier for you to see which result match your query best. He particularly liked the "I'm feeling lucky" button.
Oh well, I just laughed at his explanation. Inside my heart I still did not believe that google would successfully take over Yahoo's popularity for the search engine.
But quitely, I tried to use google. At first, I did not like it because I was not used to it. Slowly, I found out that although the homepage looked so boring (with just 1 textbox and 2 buttons), this search engine was very efficient and gave me the exact result to my query, not just some websites with missing links that relate to my queries. Since then, I understood my husband's friend explanation about the power of google. I 'demoted' Yahoo and 'promoted' google as my main search engine. I even used google more than my husband whom at that time got so used to Yahoo as his main search engine and reluctant to use something that he was not familiar with. Soon, the phrase 'just google it' (at that time people still thought I just didn't know the english word for 'search engine') became my favourite phrase.
When I moved out of Sillicon Valley to continue my study, I continued spreading the news about this powerful search engine. Until one day in 2004, I read a news about this company going public and offering an IPO of USD85 a share. I was very surprised because I thought USD85 for an IPO was a very expensive price. I doubted (again) that the stock price was going to go up much higher because it already started at a very expensive price.
But then, just 2 years after google's IPO, the stock price has gone up not just triple but 'multiple' from USD85 (a quick checked on Yahoo finance showed the price is at USD484.11 per share now). Google has become a successful company and has been offering more than just a search engine now. Even the word google has made it to the dictionary as an official word.
I shouldn't have doubted it in the beginning when I first found out how powerful their search engine algorithm was. Until now I still use google alot and I also use other products from it. So far I am quite satisfied though I'm a bit disappointed when I can't attach my program files (though they don't have .exe extention) to my gmail.
One thing I regret so much up to now is that I didn't buy the stock at the IPO price. Now, I can't afford it anymore... :-(
Oh well, it shows that I am only human who has no power to tell the future. What I can do is keep on saying my favourite phrase "just google it" and do the action too.

The power of love

Love binds parent and child.
Give your child all the love he needs.
Give him care-continously, consistently. It's essential for his mental development.
Give him your time. The hours you spend with him mean more than you will ever imagine.
Give him opportunities. To learn and experience new things. This enriches his mind.
Give him encouragement. In work and play. Do not limit his attempts at exploring, imitating, creating, imagining and constructing.
Give him the right to be different. He's unique-don't compare him with his brothers or sisters.
Give him praise. For all his achievements. But even more-for all his effort in trying, even if he fails.
Give him understanding.Consider his age and temperament when you show disapproval. You may reject his behaviour, but never the child.
Give him reassurance-constantly. Never withdraw from him. Or threaten to stem your love or give him away.
Give him everything he needs. Expect nothing in return. You chose to have him - he did not choose to have you.
So teach him respect for elders and filial piety.
The more you give, the more you'll receive.
That is truly the power and wonder of love.