Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Where is your dignity?

When I clicked on the links my good friend forwarded me on her email, I felt so embarrassed that I thought I would vomit if I continued reading the content of a website that 'promote' the Indonesian women (in a degrading manner).
That friend of mine felt the same way, and I believe, all respectable Indonesian women will feel the same way as I did.

It's disgusting and it's a disgrace to Indonesian women every where. That's my comment to my friend. Why? because I am Indonesian woman and I fought for this better life I have at the moment using my brain and my talents, while still upholding my dignity.

If only Kartini were alive, she would feel very sad reading this news.
All her efforts to educate Indonesian women were full of ups and downs.
Even so, there are many Indonesian women who continue her efforts so that Indonesian women will have a better life with good reputation and good names every where in the world.
Unfortunately some women have no patient and chose to do the shortcuts (the easy way out).
They are willing to 'trade' their dignity with s*x. They can be reserved just by paying £200.

True love and a better life are something that you have to look and fight for. They don't come easily and cannot be found anywhere these days. But you have to keep your spirit up and use your brain and good talents while upholding your dignity. Don't give up easily!

But then at the end, everything comes back to you and your own good judgment. Only you know how much you're worth.
I hope you'll find your true happiness even if you have to chose the shortcuts.

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