Monday, May 07, 2007

Spiderman 3

Last Saturday night, my husband took me out to watch Spiderman 3. He managed to get the last 2 tickets for the 8pm show at a cinema near our house. It is really not easy to get the ticket for this movie. Since the 1st day it was released last week, the movie tickets for Spiderman 3 have been snapped up so quickly though all cinemas have added more show times for this movie to accommodate the heavy demand.

My husband and I were so eager to watch this movie so when we finally got the chance to watch it, we were so excited. We came just in time when the movie started. The cinema was pack. It was full house! There were many children watching this movie. There were 3 sitting just behind me and my husband and they made so much noise!

Anyway, my husband and I tried our best to concentrate on the movie. We definitely didn't want to miss any bits of it.

In my opinion, the 3rd installment of Spiderman movies is the best one. It is way much cooler compared to the 1st one which to me was already quite cool.
I like everything about it; the storyline, the movie effect, the script that will make you laugh so hard and cry afterwards. This movie is fantastic and hilarious as well.
I really like the part when Peter Parker's boss is reminded by his secretary to keep himself cool and the part when Eddie (the freelance photographer) is about to take photo of the Spidey (and he asked Spidey if Spidey was smiling - because he can't see Spidey's mouth)...wha..ha..ha..:D
Those 2 parts are so funny. I can't describe exactly how funny it is. You should go and watch the movie yourself.
On this movie, we get a chance to see the 'black' side of Spiderman (which is very cool... :D) and 3 new villains (the new goblin, the sandman, and the venom).
This movie delivers a message about love, friendship, and sacrifice for the people you love in a simple way that makes you able to connect to this movie well.
I personally like the new goblin (one of the new villains)...wha...ha...Why? I'm not gonna tell..he..he..he..If I tell you, I'll be the spoiler... :P Well, ok, 1 reason is because James Franco (the actor who plays New Goblin) is handsome!! :D But the main reason? I seal my mouth :|

Tobey Maguire is cool to be the Spidey (especially when he is a black spidey), but unfortunately, I think he is quite short. Does it matter?? Not really..whe..he..he...because he doesn't have to 'stand tall' and protect the victims. He crawls and swings using his sticky spider-silk.

Apart from the 3 kids that kept on making so much noise behind us, my husband and I really did enjoy watching the movie. In fact, we wanted to watch again if we can get the tickets.

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johnorford said...

this is the first good review of spidey that i heard. have u seen spiderman 2? that was real good...

maybe i'll watch it afteralll...

btw, sometimes i am also annoyed by kids in the cinema, but then i think that they're just kids and often it adds to the enjoyment, best not to be too serious when watching kids movies ;)