Sunday, May 13, 2007

Packing nightmare

For an ex-flight attendant who has traveled across continents many times in a month, packing and traveling should be a piece of cake.
But unfortunately, that is not the case at all because since the last time I traveled across continent, the aviation rules and regulations have gone through dramatic changes for the safety of all passengers and crews on board. This has made traveling is not too convenient anymore, especially when you travel with children.
You don't know how your kids will behave during the flight. Of course you'll pray for the best attitude so that you don't have to carry too many things to distract him or to keep him busy along the flight not too mention his non-stop requests for milk during the flight. You also pray that your kids won't get fever or any sickness on board.

That's what happened with me. Packing has become a nightmare since I have to make sure I do not put banned items inside my luggages accidentally. Every item that looks suspicious and dangerous will be subjected to a thorough check and investigation which will cause delay. This gives me headache because I have to remember my kid well being during the flight and along the entire journey. You have to know which items will be allowed to be put inside your hand carry and which items are not allowed. Oh man...Headache!Headache!Headache!

Now that almost all airports in the world have adopted the 50ml per LAG (liquid, aerosol, gel) regulations, women really have to pay attention when packing their cosmetic items. It's OK not to put on make up and look natural during the flight rather than missing a flight because of a thorough check on your cosmetic items. So, I have to put away all my lipstick, my mascara, my moisturizer and anything that is in the list. I just hope that my hubby will not look at other women when my make-up starting to go away revealing my natural look... ;)
He told me once he likes to see me without make up and I hope he remembers that along the flight... :)

I also have to make sure that my laptop is in good working condition and need to be taken out from its bag during the screening of bags. This is an old rule and usually, it was not a big deal for me because I traveled alone. But this time, I have my 30 month old toddler traveling with me and he is ready to run like a shooting star whenever I do not hold his hand tightly. Besides, I have to clear his stroller and his bags, my bags, and I have to remember to present the LAG items if I have them inside my bag. Though this is not my first time traveling across continent only with my son (the first time I had to travel alone with my son was when I moved house from New Zealand to Malaysia. I had to carry everything by myself. At that time my son was only 2 months-old and I already had to pay fine NZD400 for overweight luggages), I don't think I can ever get used to it yet... :( Oh God help me...


johnorford said...

hope u enjoy austria!! good luck, can't wait 4 the pix!!

coffeeliqueur said...

I will, John. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

oh dear.. i agree... hahaha... hillarious.. but you know.. the more you travel .. the more you are able to cut things out of your lists :)
have a GREAT time! envy you, lady!

coffeeliqueur said...

he..he..I don't think I'll travel across continent too often. Anyway, by the time, I get used to it, the rules change again and I will be frustrated all over again..:D Thanks for stopping by.