Monday, May 07, 2007

My one fine day

On Sunday morning, I was reading a newspaper when my husband asked me to quickly take shower because he wanted to take us all to Sungai Petani, Kedah (north of Penang). Sungai Petani is about 2 hour-drive from where I live.

I asked him why he suddenly wanted to go to Kedah and he told me that he saw in the newspaper there is a new big shopping mall just open in Sungai Petani and thought I would love to visit the mall.
I was like "what the hell has happened to you??". I am shocked that he cared about visiting a mall to make me happy. Usually he would just drop me at the mall and pick me up again later after I finished walking around the mall (I prefer to walk around the mall by myself though because my husband will put his boring face every time he accompanies me walking around the mall and I really hate that).

I took shower while still pondering what made him decided to drive for 2 hours just to visit a new mall. He didn't do that when 1Utama Mall in Petaling Jaya was opened and PJ is also 2 hours away from my place. This mall must be special. Was this mall really big and grand?? I just kept all the questions in my thought.

We departed at noon and stopped by at Bukit Gantang for a quick and simple lunch. After about 1.5 hour-driving, we entered Sungai Petani in Kedah.
Sungai Petani is quite big and a bit more crowded than Ipoh. The city is cleaner than Ipoh (D'oh, I thought Ipoh is no.2 clean city after Malacca).
We drove towards the city center by following direction to go to Tesco because according to my husband, the new shopping mall is just next to Tesco. So, if we can find Tesco, we'll find the shopping mall. Ok, no comment from me.

I asked him what the shopping mall name because I don't understand why I never hear about this mall before. If it is so big, new, and grand, I, as the shopaholic, should have heard about it somewhere. My husband didn't know the name of the shopping mall. Ok, understandable.

So, we kept on driving passing by 2 The Store shopping complexes. We thought that was the one. I was like "Why the hell we have to drive 2 hours just to visit The Store!" because we have 2 The Store shopping complexes in our town and they are very near to where we live.
Luckily, those were not what we were looking for because after making 2 rounds around the Store, we could see the billboard of Tesco saying that Tesco is still 4.7Km away. Ok, continue driving.

Finally, I saw Tesco and my husband quickly drove towards that big Tesco sign. When we approached Tesco, we saw there was a huge building was under renovation. Looks like it was going to be a huge shopping mall. I started to feel there is something wrong here...hmmm...
I asked my hubby "Are you sure the mall has been opened already?Are you sure the mall is next to Tesco?" He said yes to both questions and I continued "but I only see this big building STILL UNDER RENOVATION!"
Then my husband smiled...whe..he..he..He said "Yeap! I see it too!" I think the mall has not been opened yet." GUBRAK!!
I suddenly exploded in laughter! I really couldn't stop laughing! Oh my beloved husband...I don't know what is wrong with you or with your eyes...
So, we drove for 2 hours just to visit a building under renovation? I asked him. He still tried to convince me that there was something else he could show to me in Sungai Petani. He started to mention about Bujang Valley as a very historical place, but it's 23Km away. Noep...I didn't think it was a good time to visit it. I didn't bring my camera. He mentioned about the big big houses in Sungai Petani and actually these big houses were not far from Tesco. So, we drove inside and he was right. The houses were huge and beautiful. For a while we were entertained by the sight of those big houses.

When my son was awake (he was asleep along the way), he wanted to eat M (McD). So, we decided to stop by at the Store. Unfortunately, we could not get a car park, so I asked my husband to just proceed to Queensbay Mall in Penang island. Queensbay Mall is the biggest mall in the northern part of peninsular Malaysia so far. So, he drove towards Penang island.
When we arrived at Queensbay mall, we couldn't find McD but we found Swensens. So, we ate there. After that we took our son to play at Kiddie's land inside Jusco.

At the end, we drove back to Ipoh at around 9pm. We were exhausted but we were happy. And for me, it was a one fine day.

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johnorford said...

sounds like a wild goose chase!! :)

prob was more adventurous and fun than actually going to that big mall :):)