Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's day and Chinese New Year

Today is Valentine's day. Today is supposed to be day for us to express our love but unfortunately, today, I really feel that I don't have 'love' at all. It's weird I know. I am such a loveable person and today on Valentine's day, I am loosing the love feeling... :-\

Today I just don't feel anything special. Today is just another ordinary day for me. I don't know why. Is it because I'm married already? Is it because I'm just tired of all the rubbish things lovers do to express their love? I don't know really. I even feel extremely lazy to send love greetings to all the people I love. I have received many greetings today though since 4am. I'm glad people still love me. I just hope that they won't feel neglected if at the end of the day, I really don't send any greetings to them. I love them still.

Last night my hubby told me that there wouldn't be any bouquet of flowers to me on the Valentine's day because he has no budget for that but he did ask me to have a special dinner tonite.
It's fine by me. I haven't even prepared anything for him anyway. So, this is definitely not the cause of me feeling sooo ordinary today.

I don't know what makes me feel so flat today. Is it because I didn't have enough sleep (because I watched Valentine's day movie till midnite)? Maybe, because I'm abit dizzy today. I love sleeping so having not enough sleep is a disturbance for my mood.
I really feel sooo lazy waking up in the morning today. I feel like I want to stop the time so that weekend doesn't have to come so soon.

A-ha!I think I know why I'm like this today. Let me repeat the sentence above "I feel like I want to stop the time so that weekend doesn't have to come so soon."
Yeap! That weekend thing! That's damn weekend thing!
This weekend is not just another weekend. It's the Chinese New Year weekend! I think I know why suddenly Valentine's day is just an ordinary day for me. It's because the coming event this weekend is just too humungous to ignore it. Even the decorations in all malls are about Chinese New Year, not so much about Valentine's day. The event is so great it sucks up all the energy I have even far before the D-day.

I have spent 2 days making many house decorations from unused angpao packets (the red packets). I really hope someone isn't going to criticize my decorations saying that hers are far better than mine!! I have bought new red cloths (No! Orange actually) and every member of my family has a new hair style for the Chinese New Year. As my hubby and I are married, we are obliged to prepare the angpao packets to be given away. Though personally, I prefer to receive the angpao...whe..he..he..
Well, who doesn't? It's some money in there...:D

For me, it's my 3rd Chinese New Year celebration. I am not Chinese but I'm married to one so, I need to learn and accept the culture.
Since I'm still learning, I have many things about Chinese New Year that I don't have a clue why I have to do this and that. I did read about it in the website alot! You might be wondering why don't I just ask my other half who is Chinese, right? Hmmmm...yeah..I could..but unfortunately, he is just the same like me, clueless...:D and the worst thing, many times, he just gave me alot of false information about his own culture and I believe him still (because I can't even see difference whether the information given is true or he just made it up)..:) D'oh!

This weekend, we HAVE TO visit my hubby's parents and stay there to celebrate Chinese New Year. This is part of the culture. The traffic has started to slow down because many people go back home to their family and friends. Don't even think about driving in Penang Island! You'll be trapped in traffic jam for hours!!

Yeah...the coming Chinese New Year celebration. If you live in a Chinese predominant place, you will learn to like this 15-day celebration. The celebration is so huge it makes you forget about other celebrations such as this Valentine's day and even my dad's birthday. Luckily, my dad understands my situation. He is happy even if I can only call & sms him on his birthday.

Yeah today is just an ordinary day for me because of what I have explained above, but nevertheless, I shall still greet you all "Happy Valentine's day" and I hope you embrace all the love that you get. Enjoy the heart chocolate cake I made especially for this 'love' day! I hope you like it...;) Oh, you can get the recipe here.


johnorford said...

hey dude, keep the faith!

coffeeliqueur said...

Yeah...yeah...I'm trying...I'm trying...
Thanks for the comment though.

Angie said...

hallo bu,
kue lu emang asoy abis ya :) slalu ada kue itu hahahahaha... hm... me too.. i feel like that too sometimes and I"m not even married . aahh >< >< >< >< >< ><. But Chinese new year isway bigger? haha

miund said...