Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Great acrobatic show

Last week, I went for a window shopping with my husband at Jusco near our house. Inside the mall, we could see all red decorations to celebrate Chinese New Year. The mall was very packed. Oh well, where else can the Ipohans go? They all gathered in the mall every weekend. But that weekend was special. So many people did the major shopping to prepare for the coming Chinese New Year celebration.
It is a big event here in the place I live. To attract more customers, the shopping malls held many events in conjunction with the celebration. For this particular mall I went to with my husband, there was a great acrobatic show by WuQiao from China. I have never watched this kind of live performance before so I felt grateful that I had my N70 handy to take the pictures below and to share them with you all.

Trust me, these people are great! They do amazing things that seem impossible to me. My husband told me these people are trained everyday since they were young and they are very discipline and they always work very hard. Chi (internal power) is the key. It takes alot of practices to be able to use your chi to do these amazing acts.


In this picture you can see that 1 girl held a table by 1 of its legs with her right leg and her left leg turned a red cloth while her 2 hands also turned red cloths. Her friends (on her left and right) turned red cloths on their hands.

In this picture you can see a skinny girl juggled a 100kg pottery plus a girl sat on top of the pottery. They asked a volunteer to sit inside the pottery!
Do you see the man sitting inside the 100kg-pottery? He weighs 70kg.

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Mary Stratton said...

It was nice reading your story. The pictures that you have shared really amazed me. There is one picture among all of them that has totally surprised me is that of a skinny girl who has juggled a 100kg pottery with a girl sitting on top of the it. I have seen acrobats by the artists of Dubai but you have really amazed me.

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