Friday, February 16, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Since my husband and his family are celebrating Chinese New Year, as a good wife, I have to be with him for this celebration. Therefore, I would like to inform you all that I won't be able to hang out with you here.
If I have a chance, I'll definitely make sure I hang out here even if it's only for a minute... Very Happy

After Chinese New Year, I'll be gone to Jakarta (to get more supplies of Indomie, sambal jempol, and kecap ABC Laughing ). In Jakarta, as you all already know, it will be difficult for me to be on the net (I have no internet connection at home).

I'll be back soon and will post more stories from Jakarta.

Gong xi fa cai (Keong hee huat chai - hokkien) for those celebrating the new pig year!!


johnorford said...

u don't have abc in malaysia - we even have it here in ireland, what kinda country is malaysia at all at all.

good luck with the warnets! :P

bleu said...

I thought I found kecap ABC here. It's kecap Bango that's not available... Have a happy holiday!

coffeeliqueur said...

In my place, Jusco used to be the only place selling ABC, but since 2 months ago, Jusco never replenished the ABC. I always find "out of stock" notice on the shelf..:(
When I was in Penang, I went around to look for ABC, couldn't find it still... :(
Don't dream of Bango when I can't even find ABC..:(

aroengbinang said...

hope you have enough supplies by now. it's always nice to be at home. warnet with speedy should be fine, provided that there are not so many users :). hv never tried though. salam.

yodee said...

the food can go through the custom?

coffeeliqueur said...

Yup. The food can go through the custom because I don't bring them as if I wanted to open a store here in Malaysia..;) Just enough for 2-3months supply.

bleu said...

Speaking of kecap Bango, look what I found: Bango Mania, komunitas pecinta kecap Bango. Still don't know how to join or contribute, but it's a step forward, isn't it?

coffeeliqueur said...

Wha..ha..thanks for the link!That's a good one. I know many people who like Bango. My dad is one of them. As for me, I am a fan of both ABC and Bango...:D