Friday, February 02, 2007

The Holiday - the movie

I went to watch The Holiday by myself yesterday because my husband wanted to watch Blood Diamond and I don't feel like watching any cruel movies at the moment. I just want to watch a movie which I can relate myself to and not to use my brain too much. I just want to relax basically so I decided to go watching the movie alone.

In my opinion, The Holiday is great! I love the movie. I love the simplicity of the story line and the funny script, not to mention the cool main actresses and actors acted on that movie (the gorgeous leading ladies: Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslate, of course the handsome and sexy Jude Law plus the cute and funny Jack Black).

The story is about 2 broken-heart ladies who agree to swap their houses for 2 weeks during Christmas holiday so that they can forget about the men who broke their heart and try to move on with life.

The story is simple and you can guess what will happen but still I like it. I absolutely adore the British accent too!! It's very contagious. In fact, the moment I came out of the cinema after watching that movie, my accent suddenly changed to british accent!!..Wha..ha..ha.. :D
Honestly, this movie reminds me of the old feeling of being rejected, heart broken, and the sort. It also reminds me of how to love and how to fall in love again. Now that I'm married for 7 years, I kind of miss those feelings in me. I know it sounds rubbish. You'll do rubbish things anyway when you are in love. So, yeah...I do miss acting foolishly in front of the man of my dream, do rubbish things or crying feverishly over the man that broke my heart to pieces. Though I still do the latter recently... :)
A good romantic comedy movie like The Holiday has been rare these days. The last good romantic comedy I've watched is Notting Hill. It's been ages ago, I know.
This is another reason why I like this movie so much. This movie does remind me of the same movies of its genre such as You've got mail, Sleepless in Seattle, etc.

I do recommend this movie for your Valentine's day movie.


bleu said...

My wife has been 'reminding' me on going for a movie. I guess we'll see the Holiday soon :)

coffeeliqueur said...

Yes sure...of course you have to take your wife to watch this movie. Don't forget to hold her hands too ok?..;)