Friday, February 02, 2007

Flood in Jakarta

I've been sick for the past 1 week, coughing and sneezing. I went to visit a medical officer at the hospital near my house last week but up to now, I'm still not cured yet.
The cough medicine is useless. It makes my throat extremely dry after taking it. I had to drink many glasses of water and it really disturbed my sleep.
The medications for my running nose is quite powerful. It stopped the 'leakage' on my nose but the problem is, everytime I took that medicine, I could hear my heart pumping so fast as if I just drank 2 glasses of black coffee. I could not sleep at all. I became very restless and anxious over anything. So, I decided to stop taking those medicines on the second day. I return to my Panadol to help me to sleep and rest. Up to now, I still cough and cough. Everytime I cough, I feel pain on my chest. I hope I can get well soon. I have so many things to finish.

Since yesterday, I've been receiving bad news about flood in Jakarta. The situation has worsened in the southern part of Jakarta. Many families are trapped inside their flooded house and the water level is reaching the second floor of their 2-story houses.
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The latest news I received that the phone lines are disconnected and the mobile networks are jammed.
Luckily I managed to talk to my parents on their mobile and they are ok. Thanks God!!
My dad informed me that the flood is as bad as the flood in February 2002. I was in Jakarta in 2002. I experienced and witnessed the worst flood in my life. is always like that in Jakarta every February each year. The flood is getting worse every year because of the bad drainage system in all parts of Jakarta plus the 'tidak apa' (never mind) attitude and definitely the never ending corruption.
I can only pray so that the situation will improve and the flood water recedes. I hope by the time I have to be there, Jakarta will be back to normal.

Johor (Malaysia) is still recovering from the big flood and so is Medan (Sumatera, Indonesia). Now Jakarta has its turn to deal with the flood.

I think this is more about the enviromental issue than the weird weather pattern.

I really do hope people starting to pay attention on how important it is to love the Earth and have a good drainage system in your area. Please do not clog the drain! Do not throw rubbish to rivers and drains! Do not even try to cement your drain to get extra land for your parking area! Love the environment! Recycle as much as you can!
I've got people starred and laughed at me and thought that I am cheapskate trying to recycle stuffs at home. Never mind! I will get my turn to laugh later. I know I do something good to green the Earth.

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johnorford said...

i think a major problem is cutting down trees in bogor punjak area - they'd normally soak up the water coming down off the hills.

same things happen in bangladesh, medan etc....