Wednesday, January 30, 2008

300,000 free seats from Air Asia

Quick log on to to grab free seats to your favorite destinations as this award winning budget airline is offering 300,000 free seats for its domestic and international routes.

The booking period is from 29 January to 3rd February 2008 for traveling dates from 26 February - 15 May 2008.

If I were not pregnant, I would have grabbed some free seats to Macau and Siem Reap (Angkor wat) because I have been longing to visit these 2 places.
Click this link for free seat status to check which destinations still have the free seats:

Here are some tips to help you to get the free seats:
  1. Sign up with Air Asia website to get newsletter to your email address. This is very important so that you get the news ahead of other people.
  2. Log in to Airasia website a.s.a.p no delay whatsoever after you hear any news about free seat from any sources, especially from Air asia newsletter because usually, it comes a day earlier than the advertisement in the newspaper. So, if you log in right away, you'll gain 1 day ahead of anyone reading the newspaper.
  3. If the website is very busy, try to log in during odd hours when people in Malaysia are asleep. You can ask a favor from your friend or family who lives in different time zone (like in UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand) to help you to get the ticket but don't forget to pay them back, ok?... ;D If you do live in time zone of GMT+1/2 or GMT+10/12, you'll get bigger chances to get the free seats.
  4. Get ready with your passport and credit card details to speed up the process.
  5. Keep on trying and don't give up easily. Try to modify your journey and be flexible if you can't get the destination you want to the nearest destination then continue your journey by land. For example, if you want to get KL-Yogyakarta route but there is no more free seat available, try to get KL-Solo route because from Solo to Yogyakarta it takes only an hour by car. Or if you want to go to Singapore but you can't get the free seat, try to opt for Johor, then take a taxi/train to Singapore. Or if you want to go to Jakarta but no more free seat available, you can try to get KL-Bandung first, then go to Jakarta by bus. It's only an hour journey.
Ok, that's all from me. Good luck, people!!


Ecky said...

Does this thing really happen? Never tried it though.

Would love to try it but I have to manage with the leave dates first.

coffeeliqueur said...

Oh well...what it means by 'free seat' is that the ticket price is RM0.00 (zero Ringgit), but there are additional charges such as fuel charge, taxes, administration charges. So, you'll still have to pay some amount of money for your 'free seat' but normally, the price you pay will be alot cheaper than if the ticket price is not zero Ringgit...:)

It does really happen. I always managed to get Air Asia free seats whenever they have the offer. Not just 1, but even 7 or 8 free seats...;D