Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The apple of my ice

My 3 year old son came back from school telling me the story about what he did at school today. He told me that he has learned to play a computer game that had a hamster in it. So I asked him what happened with the hamster. He said, "The green hamster eats a green apple with the ice.", then I told him, "How can the hamster eat the green apple with the eyes? The eyes cannot bite and chew."
I saw him staring at me and said again, "No, mommy! The green hamster eats a green apple with the ice. The ice."
I still thought that he mentioned "the eyes" and insisted that the eyes cannot bite and chew the apple and explained to him that the hamster must have eaten the apple with the mouth.
I saw him thinking hard. I thought he was digesting the information I told him.
Then he said again, "Then there is ice on the apple."
I said to him, "Oh..there is some ice on the green apple. Does the ice melt on the apple?"
He said, "No! The hamster eats the green apple with the ice."
I thought he returned to his first statement and trying to convince me that the hamster can eat the apple with its eyes.
I saw him getting a bit frustrated when I still didn't get what he meant.
So he stood up and walked to the fridge and took out some ice cubes.
He returned to my side and showed me the ice cubes and said, "Mommy, this ice is on the green apple and the hamster eats the apple with the ice."
Then I understood what he was saying actually. "Oh..I see!!! I'm sorry! I thought you were saying the eyes...not the ice. I'm sorry for being so slow to understand you. Alright?"
I saw him smiling so widely. He knew I finally understood his sentence... :D
D'oh mommy is sooo slow...:D

Another time when I held my son's hand to cross the road, I told him to watch out for the cars as there were too many cars on the road.
Then he answered me like this, "but mommy, there are 3 cars on the road. Not 2 cars." Wha..ha..ha.. I burst into laughter.
Apparently, he has mistakenly understood the word 'too' in 'too many cars' with the word 'two (2)' because of the same pronunciation.

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johnorford said...

hehehe, great stories!! :):)