Monday, January 07, 2008

Going green

If this is not your first visit to my blog, you should have noticed that I'm giving a facelift to my blog. This year, The Coffeeliqueur way is going green in support of any efforts to green the earth, especially the recycling project. This is the main reason of choosing green as the theme color of this year. Other reasons include a fresher appearance to my blog and also a soothing/calming mind for my readers after they visit my blog. This blog is a kind of mental therapy for me and for every one who reads this blog. Since I am a peaceful person, I hope not to post any controversial stories here. I want to keep the happy blog status just like what one of this blog visitor commented.

Enjoy your visit at The Coffeeliqueur way! I hope you become a regular visitor of this blog. Don't forget to leave your comment or just to say 'hi' when you visit this blog. Let me know if you link to me so that I can link to you back. Let's support the efforts to green the earth for us now and for our future generations!Oh by the way, this blog is not about a cup of coffee and liqueur or a cup of coffeeliqueur on the rock. There no alcohol involved it's safe to read this blog together with the whole family... :)

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