Saturday, February 02, 2008

Flood..flood...and more flood

Again, Jakarta is flooded. No area is spared this time including my parents' house. The house has been a flood-free zone for the past 27 years, but this gave away...:(
The dirty muddy water entered my parents' house slowly from yesterday afternoon. My dad tried his best to clean up and sweep the water out the whole afternoon but his efforts has become worthless in the evening when the flood water entered the house again and this time was higher and flooded more areas in the house.

My mum was alone that evening because my dad went to church and the light went out. My mum cried out of frustration when she tried to salvage all precious things at home, alone in the dark. She was forced to return home alone from work yesterday because my dad couldn't get out of the house to pick her up. She had to walk about 1 km through the knee-high flood water all the way home.

This morning at 6am Jakarta time, I called my parents to find out their latest situation. At the time I called, the rain was still pouring and there is no way that the water will subside because all other area outside the house have submerged and in certain area, the water level reaches chest high. The water pops out everywhere from under the ceramic floors, the toilet, the sinks, and this situation really frustrates every one. People are trapped at their homes flooded with dirty muddy water. They can't use the toilet. It is hard to get clean water. Food is not easy to get either. The neighbors are sharing boxes of instant noodle with each other. Traffic jam can be seen everywhere. Many people have already abandoned their vehicles stranded in the flood.

It pierced my heart to hear the news but I couldn't do anything either. I'm so far away and it's already good that I can still maintain the communication with them.
I knew all along that this is coming. I have been trying my best to persuade my parents to move out of the area but they just don't want to leave at all.
I don't know how long they can stand with this kind of extremely frustrating situation. The situation will sure get worst and I hate to hear, "'s too late. There is nothing else we can do."

I'm coming back home soon and will try to assess the situation. I hope I can come up with best solution to evacuate my parents.

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