Tuesday, April 10, 2007

From KL to Singapore, vice versa

I love to visit Singapore at least once a year, not only for shopping but also for visiting my friends or for just a trip down the memory lane. Yeah...I used to work and stay there for 3 years. It was 3 years of hard working but at the same time it was also 3 years of gaining marvelous experience in my life.
I have many friends in Singapore and they are very happy to see me each time I come. To me, they are not just 'friends', but they are more like a family to me.

Since I moved to Peninsular Malaysia about 2 years ago, it is so much easier and cheaper to go to Singapore. There are many ways to go there other than just taking a plane which is quite expensive for a 45 minute-flight from Kuala LumpurInternational Airport (KLIA).

Last year, I went to Singapore twice, in January and in May.
In January, I took Senandung Malam train from Kuala Lumpur sentral Station to Singapore. I bought premier night deluxe tickets for me and my maid. My son didn't need a ticket because he was under 4 years old. We got a private cabin with 2 beds and a toilet. There was a TV as well. We were given toileteries, some snacks and hot drinks. The journey was quite long but most of the time we just slept and when we woke up in the morning, it was at Johor Bahru already. The Malaysian Immigration officers went up to the train and chopped our passport to get out of Malaysia. 5 minutes later, we arrived at Woodlands, Singapore immigration check point. Here, we had to take our passport to get chop to enter Singapore and we had to bring all our belonging down to get screened.
The train departs from KL sentral at 10.00pm and will arrive in Singapore at 08.20am
The ticket ex-Kuala Lumpur is RM130 (for lower bed)/RM110 (for upper bed). If you want the whole cabin by yourself, the ticket price is RM180.
The ticket ex-Singapore is the same but the currency is in Singapore Dollar.
For more information, please visit KTMB website (www.ktmb.com.my). Train to Singapore is catagorized as intercity train.

In May last year, we took Air Asia. At that time, there was still direct flight Ipoh-Johor (Senai International Airport)-Ipoh. Unfortunately, now this route is not served anymore.
From Senai, my Singaporean friend picked us up and drove us to Singapore.
On the way back to Senai, Johor from Singapore, I took any morning train from Singapore to Kulai, Johor. Kulai is the nearest train station to Senai Airport. The ticket price was SGD12/person one way. From Kulai, we had to take a taxi to Senai. The taxi price was RM10.

In March this year, I wanted to try something different. So, I took an executive bus from Kuala Lumpur - Singapore and back. It's Aeroline bus. This super executive bus is really comfortable. The bus has LCD screen, meeting room, toilet, and even kitchen with microwave and water boiler. Each seat has plug point for your laptop/electronic gadget.
The ticket price ex-Kuala Lumpur is RM80/person and RM50/child one way. The ticket price includes food, snack, hot drink, and a bottle of mineral water. The bus departs from Corus hotel in Kuala Lumpur and arrives in Harbourfront, Singapore. From Singapore, the bus departs from Harbourfront and it arrives at Corus hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The journey takes 5 hours with 1 time stop to take a leak... :)
The bus stops at Johor Bahru for Malaysia Immigration check point and at Woodlands for Singapore Immigration check point and vice versa. We need to bring all our luggages down for immigration inspection at the country entry check point.
Along the way, you can see the beautiful scenery of Southern peninsular Malaysia.

When you are in Singapore, you really do not have to worry about public transportation there because Singapore has the best and most convenient public transportation in the world!! Anywhere you want to go in Singapore, there is always an MRT, LRT, buses, and of course, taxis. For the taxis, if the queu is long, I suggest you call the taxi and within 5-7 minutes, you'll get on to your taxi. The taxi phone numbers are Taxi comfort: (65) 6552 1111 / (65) 6552 2222 or SMRT taxi: (65)6555 8888.

But if you are in Kuala Lumpur, try to go to places where you don't have to take a taxi. If you do need to, then it's better for you to just rent-a-car. Otherwise, Kuala Lumpur has a good train system. There is LRT, monorail, KL Express (from KLIA-KL sentral).
For more information and directory or map train system in Malaysia, visit this website: http://www.malaxi.com/Map_transit.htm


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