Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year Celebration

Last night was the most boring New Year celebration I have ever had. No fireworks, no noisy sound of people honked at each other’s car, and no loud sound of counting down to welcome the new year. The night was so dark and consider quite for a New Year night.
I am glad I was not alone feeling disappointed when there were not any fireworks or loud screaming of “Happy New Year!”
I was with many others who have gathered in front of the City Hall to experience the countdown together which usually had fireworks show.
But unfortunately, last night was different and I didn’t know that there would not be any thing at all at the City Hall to welcome 2007.
My first plan was just waiting for the countdown at home while watching fireworks on the tv and having a glass of wine with my husband. But since my son was still running around and refused to be put to bed at 11.30pm, I had my last minute decision to take my husband and my son out for the countdown.

When we got out, the traffic was already bad. Many cars parked anywhere near the City Hall and this has made me fuming because I really didn’t want to miss the fireworks show. My husband decided to pay to get a nice car park where we would have the best view of fireworks show.
5 Minutes to New Year. 3 Minutes to New Year. My husband kept on updating me since I didn’t have a watch with me. When it was 10 seconds to New Year, I started to see people inside some restaurants and pubs counting down and I got my son out of the car to be ready for the fireworks show. My husband and I did our own counting down according to his watch then we waited and waited and waited for the fireworks show to start but then nothing happened, a very quite situation instead. I saw many heads fixed to the direction where the fireworks were supposed to start. I heard many people started to ask each other, “Where are the fireworks?”
There were a couple of sparks on the sky but those belonged to some private parties.

At the end, my husband decided to drive back home. We were all very disappointed, especially my son. He kept on asking me for more fireworks. I’ve tried my best to explain to him that this year there was not any fireworks display on the sky.
Finally he could accept it and dozed off while my husband and I continued with our first plan of having a glass of wine while watching Star Wars on the television before going to bed at around 3am.

It was a boring and quite countdown to welcome 2007 but then at the same time, we actually got a chance to spend time together and enjoyed the company of each other. It was not bad after all. I hope this New Year will not be as quite as 2006. I hope to have more positive activities to kill my boredom and my loneliness that have been with me for the past 2 years and I also hope this year will be a better year for me and for all.


johnorford said...

i suppose reducing boredom and loneliness comes down to yourself. so u have to take the responsibility to improve your life in that respect. 2006 was perhaps the worst year for me too (but still alot better than lives of sooo many others) but i have to take responsibility for myself and see what i can do to improve things.

coffeeliqueur said...

Thank you for your encouragment, John. Trust me! I've tried my best to ease the boredom and loneliness but it's not fun doing things alone. I feel that there is something missing in my life...a friend.

johnorford said...

hey i feel for you. but sometimes in life you gotta get involved with groups and actively go looking for pals! (actually i am the worst at that!! ;))

u may find something of interest here:

or why not volunteer at a charity?

(all these ideas have gone thru my head over the last while too, but i think i'll just go to RI... basically you can do a lot, but it's up to your own creativity and drive!)

take care missus.

coffeeliqueur said...

Thanks for the link, John. I already have many ways in my mind on how I can actively go looking for pals, but at the end I need permission from my other half first, you know the Asian culture...;) Besides, I can't leave my son alone at home.