Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My son's important milestones

As a mother, the proudest moment in my life is when my beloved son reached new milestones in his life.
By end of 2006, at the age of exactly 26 months, my son managed to reach 2 new important milestones in his life:
  1. Ability to alert people around him and himself when he needs to go to toilet either for 'small business' or for 'big business'.
  2. His amazingly improved ability in colors, sorting, and Math such as to count 0-10 in 2 languages and doing simple arithmatic such as + and -.
My son's vocabularies are increasing tremendously as he is also able to speak & understand 2 languages at the same time.

In order for my son to reach the 1st milestone, I tried my best to do anything I could to train him. I let him go around the house without diaper during the day and at first, he just peed anywhere in the house and at the same time telling me that he has peed. I kept on telling him to inform me BEFORE he urinated. It took him a week to make him understand the difference of before and after. My house was very smelly. Smell of urine everywhere but I didn't give up.
Until one day, he finally did the right thing. He alerted me first BEFORE he peed. I was extremely pleased and so was he. I praised him over and over again and he was very proud of himself that made him remember to always alert mommy before he runs to toilet.

And for the "big business", at first I was very worried that it would take a very long time to train him because he just refused to sit on the toilet bowl to poo. He prefered to stand and poo at the same time. And when he pooed, the surrounding had to be very quite so that he could concentrate on pushing the poo out.
I bought him a small portable potty so that I could just put the potty anywhere he felt like pooing. But this didn't work. He likes to sit there but he couldn't let go of the poo and still standing is the best for him.
I tried anything my mother suggested me but nothing worked. I was so hopeless.

Then during my Christmas shopping last year, I saw this Leapfrog product which I have been longing to buy for my son.
I bought one for his Christmas gift.
I never expected that my son would actually love to play the Leapfrog while sitting on the toilet. This Leapfrog is great! My son finally is able to sit on the toilet and poo with the Leapfrog in front of him. Oh thank you God for showing me the way! Since then, whenever he wants to poo, he will ask me to bring him his Leapfrog board or any of his story books. Wha..ha..ha..
He definitely got this from his mommy 'coz I also like to read while pooing... :D

Because of his ability on alerting me when he wants to pee or when he wants to go for bowel motion, I dare to take his diaper off all day. At night I still put on a diaper for him so that he doesn't have to wake up in the middle of the night. My son is so used to not wearing diaper anymore and even when he is wearing one, he still insists of going to toilet to do his 'business'. That's why if he sleeps without a diaper on, he will wake up and go to toilet. This is Ok, but the bad part is that after going to toilet, he won't be able to sleep again and he will disturb me or my husband because he wants someone to play with him.
Thank God!! I thought it would take a longer time for him to reach this milestone.
Now when I go for shopping, I don't buy diapers too often anymore, but instead I buy many cute mini briefs for my little man.

Since my son knows how to count from 0-10, he will count everything. He counts how many trucks on the road. He counts how many cars parked in the garage. He counts how many fish on a picture hang at his dentist office. He even tries to count how many ants running around in front of him. At one time, I noticed him trying to count how many hairs I have...which was very cute because when he reached 10, he doesn't know what the next number is, so he started from 1 again. I really couldn't hide my laughter. He is an extremely cute boy.
He knows that when he has 2 fish-cookies and mommy takes 1 cookie from him, he will be left with only 1 fish cookie.

At this time, my son can also recognize about 50% of the 26 alphabets and he can read some words that he is very familiar with such as mommy, daddy, his own name, fish, banana, horse, and aaaatttchooo. The last word was quite a surprise for me.. :D
My son is also good at drawing. He can draw a fish. He is good at fixing puzzles too. His imagination is quite high. He likes to arrange pieces of paper with triangle/circle/rectangle/square shape I cut for him and he will say "It's a house" when he arranged a triangle on top of a square.

Oh no!! My baby boy isn't a baby anymore whether I like it or not, I just can't stop him from becoming a real person. He is such a lovable boy. He loves to hug me, kiss me and gently tap me on my back as if trying to comfort me "Everything is gonna be alright, mommy." I know many times I treat him like a baby and he will ask me to let him do things by himself.
Oh no!! I don't want him to grow up too fast because to me he is still my baby boy and he will always be my baby boy. I love you so much my boy!


Angie said...

aahh.. I love your entriesssss.. it's always so meaningful. Miss daniel nihh >< >< >< >< ><

coffeeliqueur said...

Thank you tante Angie. Niel makin luthu banget. When are you coming to Malaysia to visit us?
We are longing to go back to NZ. Pray for us, please...:)