Monday, January 22, 2007

Good news this year

This week is the 4th week of January 2007 and already I have a full schedule for this year from doing things at home to going away for travelling, all filled up until after Chinese new year next year! Imagine that!

This is definitely good news for me and for all my friends that I always bug around every time I'm bored and lonely...;-)
You guys will be jumping up and down "yay, finally this girl will stop bugging me!" ...he..he..he..
Don't be too excited! I may still disturb you though..he..he..he..(Damn! :-D)
I get bored and lonely too even when I am busy. So, yeah...just let me know if you are the one who is tired of me...;-)

Ok, continue on.
By end of February, I hope I can finish at least part 1 of my program so that I can see if it is worth writing it and continue with other parts or not.
This is my own project so that I can keep my knowledge intact, be ready if I need to work and at the same time teach and monitor my son at home.

I enjoy doing this project and am very happy that I came out with this one but unfortunately I don't have a good support. I can only do my program when no one else uses the computer table and internet at home. This is the problem when everyone at home is a computer and internet addict.
I have suggested to install a switch so that more than 1 computer can connect to the internet at the same time but someone else sees this as a waste of money when all of us actually can take turn using the internet. to the hand! It's hard to take turn when someone already said "I don't know when I can finish using the internet. I have to check my emails everytime anytime. I am the one who put the bread on the table."

I know I can use the table and internet as long as I want when no one is around, but the fact isn't that easy.
My son is with me and although he is only 2 years old, he has developed a computer and internet addiction too just like his parents.
When he sees I am around, he wants to participate in 'writing my program'.
I don't mind at all. But the problem is that he likes to just press anything and click on anything so I'm really afraid he will ruin my work.
Man! If you ever think working at home while taking care of your children is an easy thing to do, you'd better think again. It's true that you can see them so you feel safe but they also can see you, so they want to make sure you spend your time with them.

Talking about my son, this is another thing to do this year. I have to spend quality time with my son now that he is 2 years old and getting smarter everyday.
I really can't avoid the fact that he needs me and he needs my guidance to help him to become a better person.

My son loves books so much. Since he knows almost 90% of alphabets, he is trying his best to read though he still does not know how to connect those alphabets to become words.
He will say the alphabets out loud and try hard remembering those alphabets.
I guide him everytime I see him reading the alphabets. I teach him how to read as a word.

There is one incident when my husband and I were glued to the television and my son was sitting behind us reading (the alphabets on) a newspaper out loud.
He was not interested in watching TV at all. He was more interested in reading big big letters written on the newspaper.

Ok, next is about my travelling plan and festive season. I know for sure that from December - February every year, I will be very busy travelling back and forth to my in-laws place. I can forget about trying to go to other places or to do anything for other people or even for my own family (My family celebrate Christmas and New Year too, you know and I have never been celebrating Christmas and New Year for 6 years with own family) if I want to keep my marriage.
Anyway, I'm squeezing a trip back home to visit my parents this February.

In June-July, I can look forward to spend time with my parents again when they come to visit me.
On Hari raya Aidil Fitri, I will be back to visit my parents again like last year.
All these happen thanks to Air Asia.
Yeap, everytime I want to go back home, I have to wait for the mercy from Air Asia... :)

So far, these are my confirmed travelling plan. I do have some other plans that I will squeeze them throughout the year.

Since I will be very busy this year, I may not be able to update my blog too often or post any messages.
But this is just the talk I have because I am a computer and internet addict...he..he..he..
There is always time for me to go online... :-D


johnorford said...

glad to read an upbeat post from you!! :P

Anonymous said...

It looks like one of your hobby is traveling.
So, why don't you try to come at Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia?
I work in one of famous resort here ( I believe I can give you a good price if you interested in it.
Please let me know a.s.a.p.

coffeeliqueur said...

Hi Stanley,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I do love travelling (budget travelling I'm afraid..:D).
I've never been to Manado. I think it'll be great to be able to visit Manado. I definitely keep your website and hopefully I can contact you if I want to go there. But not this year. I'm fully booked till early next year...;)