Friday, December 29, 2006


December has always been a busy month for everyone. A long holiday to celebrate Christmas and New Year has made people go crazy with all the plans on the best way celebrating these important events of the year. This December, my husband and I have planned to spend our holiday in Malacca. But unfortunately, due to floods, we are forced to cancel it. You can read more about floods in Malaysia from The Star Newspaper.

December is also the best time to go for shopping as many shopping malls will have beautiful Christmas and New Year decorations. The shops will offer many year end sales (such as Year End Sale in Malaysia). There will be loads of Christmas and New Year activities on the shopping malls to attract more shoppers.

When December comes, every one suddenly seems so important to me. Some will make sure that I remember them during this month... ;-)
Surely this will make it more difficult for me to decide what will be the best present to give them. The worst part is that I believe in my own translation of 'best present' to give to people. The gift I thought was unique, would turn out to be weird to their eyes. The gift I thought was simple and modest, would make them think I am a very cheapskate person. The gift I thought was thoughtful, would actually offend them. It is really not easy for me to meet these people's expectations when my head goes to a different direction.

I personally don't care about what people give to me. It's the thought that counts. The fact that they have made an effort to put my name in their list is something that should be appreciated. To tell you the truth, I really want to have a friend as my Christmas gift. Yeap, just a friend/s, a true friend/s that is always ready to forgive and forget, never expects anything in return or never expects me to give more than what she/he has given me.

Christmas is about sharing and forgiving. Unfortunately, many people remember that Christmas time is a time to exchange gifts only, so, if they don't get the gifts like what they have expected, they are ready to NOT forgive for the whole coming year. It's sad really. I'm sure when Christ is born, He does not to like to face this kind of attitude from the people around Him.

For me, the month of December indicates the start and the end. December indicates the starting of preparation for my heart and my mind for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ by learning to forget other people's mistakes and forgive them and also by learning to accept people just the way they are though I always find it hard to do.

December also indicates that this year is nearly end. It indicates that all the good and bad things that have happened in my life this year will or may have to come to an end so I have to get ready for a new chapter in my life with new exciting things in a different roller coaster ride.

And today is just 2 days before December ends. Already have many things been going on in the country I live in. The floods in Johor, Malacca, and other parts of the country, have forced many people to end the year with a bitter memory of this year, losing their most precious things in their lives. The disruption of the internet world because of the earthquake in Taiwan, has forced many netters feeling numb as they don't know what to do without the internet forgetting that the people in Taiwan are suffering more because of the earthquake.

With so many ups and downs going on in our lives, many of us hope for a better year this coming new year. As for me, I hope to become a better person who deserves a better roller coaster ride this coming year. In the meantime, as the clock ticks approaching midnite of the last day in December this year, I am trying to cherish every moment I have with all people that I love where ever they are, near and far, as they have become beautiful part of my life in their special way.

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johnorford said...

interesting piece about when Jesus was probably born. suppose it's message of Christmas that really counts.