Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I won't be home for Christmas

As I'm typing this post; I'm listening to 'Home', a beautiful song by Michael Bublé.

Another Christmas is coming and again I will miss going back home to celebrate Christmas with my family in my home country. I lost count on how many Christmas celebrations I have always been the only one missing. In fact, since I got married 10 years ago, only once I was able to join family Christmas celebration in Yogyakarta where all my family gathered for a simple Christmas dinner.

I don't know when I will be able to bring my little family to go back home again for another simple Christmas dinner now that I stay thousand miles away from them. The plane tickets are getting more expensive especially during the festive seasons. There is also an extra cost of paying an exit tax out of Philippines every time I go out of the country because I am an I-card holder. I also have to match my holiday time with my son's school holiday. I cannot just buy a ticket and fly back home because my presence is needed in the house. There are so many things to consider before I can pack my bag.

But then, since I won't be home for Christmas, I will celebrate Christmas this year in the Philippines for the first time.
It is not a complete disappointment either actually because I stay in Luzon where majority people celebrate Christmas. In fact the spirit of Christmas has filled the air since 3 months ago.

Entering the advent season, I could smell Christmas around the corner already. I see many kinds of Christmas decorations, lights, and banner everywhere. Even in the subdivision I stay, many houses put up different kinds of very beautiful Christmas decorations complete with multicolor lights to brighten up the night as if they joined a competition which house has the most beautiful Christmas deco.
Every night I can hear fireworks far and near. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I can watch the fireworks display from my backyard.

For the first time, I am taking my time to decorate the house I stay with multicolor blinking and steady lights. I am even making my own Christmas tree which is decorated with many hanging origami shapes I made with my children. I hope this way my children won’t break any decorations…:)

I am also preparing many Christmas gifts for the children, for my maid, and also for my driver. My husband has given me a Christmas present but I still don't know what to give to my husband in return. Maybe I will cook a very special Christmas food for him :)

Last weekend my husband and I attended a Christmas family gathering at my son's school. We watched my son performed. He sang and danced with his classmates. Everyone really had fun.

Oh well, I guess I just have to forget the 'going back home' thought and fill my days with great things I can do with my beloved people whom are here with me. I know God will choose the best time for me to go back home to celebrate Christmas with the people I love. The spirit of Christmas around me will help me to feel the joy of Christmas wherever I am.


johnorford said...

sounds like christmas in the philipines will be special!

coffeeliqueur said...

I hope it will be. Thanks for your comment, John. How r u doing? How's Christmas in NYC? Even more special, huh? Damn! I miss visiting NYC. Don't know when I will visit that city again...:(