Friday, November 06, 2009

Counting my blessing

I’m trying to count how many times God’s blessing for me and my family followed us always. Just in 10 days of our holiday trip to Malaysia, God’s hands have played part in many ways of saving our lives where ever we go.
First, we got our business class tickets for free by exchanging with our frequent flyer points. To be able to fly back to Malaysia, is already a privileged for us and even better with a business class seat… : - )
Second, our flight from Manila to Kuala Lumpur was very smooth. The children were cooperating. They just slept and ate their food quietly.
Third, when we were in Kuala Lumpur, checked in to the hotel, we were given a 1 bedroom apartment with the same price of a double bed room for an upgrade because the room that we booked was not ready. Although it was only 1 night we stayed there, we felt really grateful for the upgrade because I could cook some food for my 1 year old daughter because the apartment had an electric stove, a microwave, a complete set of cooking pot and dining plate plus the cutleries. The bedroom was super big. We were able to have a good rest before we continued our journey to Ipoh the next day.
Fourth, when we were in Ipoh, my husband had a very bad stomach ache. He couldn’t eat anything. But then, our family in Ipoh referred us to a very skillful masseur. After 2 session of medicinal massage, my husband was able to enjoy his favorite Nasi Kandar… : - ) Also, when we were in Ipoh, we could send our dirty clothes to a laundry shop which was quite cheap compared to if we had to ask the hotel to do the laundry for us.
Fifth, when we heard the news about the typhoon Mirinae (‘Santi’ in Philippines) which made a landfall directly to the area we lived in Philippines, we were so thankful that we were not at home at that time because the typhoon was very violent. It brought strong wind and rain which played havoc our neighborhood and uprooted many big trees. The electricity was cut off too. When we were home 4 days after the typhoon struck, we saw many trees uprooted and big glass windows were broken but our house is safe from harm and the electricity was already on.
Sixth, when we were in Kuala Lumpur, God provided us with good transportation by sending us a friend to drive us around so that we could eat our favorite food and went around KL despite the heavy thunderstorm.
Seventh, when we were on the way back to Philippines, our plane flew very fast and we arrived about half an hour early from the arrival time schedule. But then, Manila was just hit by a tropical depression which carried heavy rain and strong wind. We missed it (again). Since the weather above Manila was bad, many planes couldn’t land including our plane. So, our plane just circled above Manila for about half an hour until we were cleared to land. We were so grateful that our plane didn’t have to divert to land in Clark airbase. So, our driver didn’t have to drive too far to pick us up.
So far these are things I can count. I know I am very blessed. You can say I am lucky but I prefer to say I am blessed to be loved by God that much. I prefer not to take my luck for granted for I will lose it right away. Thank you, God, for loving me that much and to protect me and my family always.

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