Monday, November 03, 2008

What a wonderful day

Another Halloween has just passed and still there was no children knocking on my door for a trick or treat because in Malaysia, Halloween is not a big thing. It is not easy to find some Halloween party supplies and props.

It didn't really matter to me because on Halloween day, I have something more important to celebrate; my journey to motherhood.

This year, I reached 4 years of motherhood. It's nothing, I know. I still have to learn a lot more especially now that there has been a new addition to the family since 2 months ago. I'm learning to manage my time properly and to multitask effectively so that I can be a more efficient mother. My children do not have to worry about my love for them. It's multiplied instead of divided. So, each child gets even more love.

It's proven to be not easy to be an efficient mother when things are really unpredictable with children. It took me a full week of multitasking to prepare the best party to celebrate my son's birthday and to celebrate my 4th year of motherhood. This was for the 1st time we invited our family and friends to join the celebration since we moved in to Peninsular Malaysia. I had to work with 1 hand because my other hand would carry my baby and breastfeed at the same time; shopping, preparing the goody bags for children, baking the birthday cake, decorating the house, cooking 2 dishes, preparing the video, and of course taking care my husband and children.
I also had to do some time management for my maid so that she could work efficiently to help me to prepare the party with cleaning up the house and cooking the other 2 dishes.
Since our apartment is tiny, we could invite 4 families only.
I was extremely busy until the last minute before our guests arrived. My maid couldn't bother to help me because she had to make sure the food was ready in time. My husband was still in the office having a very important meeting. So, yeah...when the guests came, I was still running around the house chasing my son with my baby screaming loudly asking for some milk. I really had no time to even catch my breath.

Thank God all my hard work was finally paid off. The guests were happy with our food and my son and I had a blast. My son was the happiest boy in the world that night for he got so many birthday presents. It was such a wonderful day for everyone.

Time flies. 4 years have passed and my son is going to grow bigger and bigger everyday. I still remember clearly the day when I heard him crying for the first time just out of my womb. It's still fresh in my memory how I struggled to be a 1st time mother all alone far away from my family. I still can recall easily how my friends became my immediate family since the day I found out I was pregnant. It's been 4 years and things have become better and better everyday. I never regret to be a mother. It is the most wonderful title a person could ever have. I love my children very much.
The love makes things possible and it works like caffeine for me when my spirit is down. It keeps me going when the goings get tougher.

For my beloved son: Happy 4th birthday!
For my self: Welcome to the more complicated world of motherhood!
Bring it on!! :D

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johnorford said...

i didn't realise u have a bule prt of the family!! : ) :PP