Saturday, October 11, 2008

Can I breastfeed?

My 4 years old son loves his little sister very much. He will be very proud every time mommy asks his help to change his baby sister's dirty nappy or get her pillow and bolsters. He even reminds me from time to time if I have changed baby's nappy or not. He'll ask if I have taken baby for a bath. Whenever his baby sister cries, he'll run and try his best to talk to her and comfort her by gently pat her hand and caressing her hair while saying, "Don't cry, baby! It's ok. Mommy will come soon. Don't worry!"
He also never fails to notice that every time his baby sister cries, mommy will pick her up and breastfeed her. As he is one curious boy, he always comes up to me and throws me with so many questions about why baby drinks milk from mommy's breasts.

One day, he saw his grandfather carrying his baby sister and the baby was crying. He asked his grandfather to breastfeed baby quickly. I told him that grandpa can't breastfeed baby and he asked me why because he saw that grandpa has big breasts just like mommy's... :D I had to explain to him why grandpa can't breastfeed the baby but apparently, my explanation was not enough because on a different day, I saw him running and quickly opening up his t-shirt and wanted to breastfeed his baby sister when he heard his sister cried. I couldn't help laughing and I quickly tried my best to explain to him that he wouldn't be able to breastfeed the baby because he is a boy just like his grandpa. I told him that only mommy can breastfeed the baby. He argued that he also has breasts same like mommy. I told him that his breasts can't produce milk like mommy's breasts. Then he asked me to quickly fill the milk to his breasts so that his breasts can have milk to give to baby. Wha..ha..ha... :D

He was so determined to breastfeed his baby sister. He thinks every one can breastfeed the baby including him. I asked him why he wanted to breastfeed. He told me that he loves his baby sister and wanted her to stop crying. He also wanted to see his baby sister to grow bigger just like him because mommy also gave breast milk to him last time when he was small (I successfully breastfed my son for 15 months). He remembered what I told him... :)

Even my son knows that breast milk is the best for his baby sister. If he can, he would love to give his baby sister the best food/drink in the world. I hope you do know it too. Give the best for your baby! Breast milk it is. It's free. It's convenient and very portable. It's readily available anytime with the right temperature, and no chemical added. So, you don't have to worry about contamination or tainted milk.

I've been breastfeeding my 2nd baby for nearly 2 months now and I hope to continue as long as she wants. The result so far is this:

Note: I'm very happy to know that many of the people I know have chosen to breastfeed their babies. So far my campaign of breastfeeding is showing positive effects.

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