Monday, December 11, 2006

The power of love

Love binds parent and child.
Give your child all the love he needs.
Give him care-continously, consistently. It's essential for his mental development.
Give him your time. The hours you spend with him mean more than you will ever imagine.
Give him opportunities. To learn and experience new things. This enriches his mind.
Give him encouragement. In work and play. Do not limit his attempts at exploring, imitating, creating, imagining and constructing.
Give him the right to be different. He's unique-don't compare him with his brothers or sisters.
Give him praise. For all his achievements. But even more-for all his effort in trying, even if he fails.
Give him understanding.Consider his age and temperament when you show disapproval. You may reject his behaviour, but never the child.
Give him reassurance-constantly. Never withdraw from him. Or threaten to stem your love or give him away.
Give him everything he needs. Expect nothing in return. You chose to have him - he did not choose to have you.
So teach him respect for elders and filial piety.
The more you give, the more you'll receive.
That is truly the power and wonder of love.


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Anonymous said...

It reminds me to GM's article on Sidharta Gautama. A person who was raised with love and all the good things in a "perfect" life, but then inspired and transformed by imperfect life conditions.