Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy Feet

The moment I saw the ad for this movie, I went quickly to the website ( and wanted to find out more about this movie including the release date in my country. Lucky for me because this movie is released a day earlier than in what is written on the website so I didn't have to wait too long to watch this movie. After watching this movie, 1 word came out from my mouth, "CUTTTTEEEE!!!!!!".
Just to repeat, CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

This movie is super cute! I love this cute movie so much.

Happy feet is a story about the emperor penguins focusing on the story around Mumble the super cute baby penguin who has the worst voice among all penguins but is an excellent tap dancer.

There are many fun songs and dances on the movie, not to mention funny dialogues and moves by the penguins. Just by watching the way these penguins walk, already made me bursting to laugh.
It's rated U (in Malaysia), so it is a very good family movie. Go take your children with you to have fun together.

In Malaysia, Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) has loads of promotions for this movie. I got a huge HAPPY FEET umbrella yesterday when I watched this movie by purchasing 1 big caramel popcorn with coke and sprite + additional payment of RM5.50. I think it's quite a good deal for such a big and cute umbrella for just RM5.50.

Go watch this movie! Guarranty you'll be happy too!


asrita said...

I'm in batam..which means..need to wait 4 or 5 months laters :(

coffeeliqueur said...

you can cross-over to Singapore and you don't have to wait too long..;) According to Happy Feet website, Singapore premier will be on 23 Nov 2006.

asrita said...

I saw on the SBC there is a new cartoon movie.I'm waiting for your next review :)

Jump to spore? Wish me luck! hehe

Anonymous said...

it really was so cute ^^~