Monday, November 27, 2006

For better for worse...

7 years ago, in front of God and His witnesses, my husband and I recited our marriage commitment and since then, we have been trying our best to keep that commitment which is really not as easy as saying it.

To be able to reach the magic number 7, we had to go through numerous arguments, fights, temporary separations, and countless number of tears dropped in the middle of the night. It's really not easy. It drains out our energy and mind.

It got harder when our beloved son came into place at the most unexpected time but we managed to pull it through. In fact, our son is always the best reason to keep this marriage going and going and going just like one of the batteries advertisement.

I tell you again and again. It's not easy. 2 different heads from 2 completely different background are trying to become 1 and love is supposed to be the only thing that can 'glue' us. But unfortunately, just like real glue, love sometimes is not 'sticky' enough and when that time comes, our son will be the only hope to add the stickiness to the love.

For a week before our 7th wedding anniversary, I have been very busy creating a special wedding anniversary gift for my husband. I wanted to be unique and personal that would touch his emotion deeply.

I put into a halt all my other projects, my Ebay, and my housework so that I could concentrate on finishing the gift on time. It's a movie about us, about the wedding, about how we started to fall in love, about how we have been doing so far. It's quite a complicated work because I had to use my deepest emotion to gather all our photos, our songs, our home videos, sort them, then I had to add some words that would suppose to make the movie touchier. I worked on it day and night depriving me of my sleep for a week.

Just a day before our wed anniversary, my husband and I had an argument. This incident had altered my emotion and chased away my mood completely when I was supposed to add beautiful and touchy words to the movie. I was extremely disappointed. I tried my best to get my mood back but it preferred to stay away from me. D'oh I felt so angry with my self. I kept on reminding my self that I love my husband and I wanted to give him my most personal wedding anniversary gift ever.

When I was staring at my computer and my unfinished movie, suddenly my door bell rang. I jumped up quickly to open the door. A man stood in front of my door carrying a big bouquet of red roses. At first I thought this man has came to a wrong address but then when he mentioned my name and asked for my confirmation and said a greeting of “Happy Anniversary” before giving the bouquet to me, I just couldn’t hide my biggest smile ever. When the man has disappeared, I quickly opened a card attached to the bouquet just to make sure that it really was for me. My eyes and mouth opened so widely knowing that my husband was the one who sent that beautiful roses especially for me. I really never expected that because I know my husband very well. The last time he tried to buy me red roses, he bought me a bunch of sun flowers instead. Besides, he is not a romantic person what so ever. So, that bouquet was really a big surprise for me.

I read the words written on the beautiful pink card accompanying the bouquet, “With love-Because you’re special and you have a certain way of making magic moments happen every single day…With love-Because there’s nothing that I would rather do than spend my time throughout our life together-loving you. Happy Anniversary. God bless us forever…Luv u 4ever,” and he signed with his name (usually he uses “hubby” but this time he uses his name), the name that I always love to hear again and again.

I suddenly felt my warm tears dropped down my cheeks. Man! He got me first! He got into my deepest emotion first! I haven’t even finished my movie and the anniversary would not come until the next day. I quickly called him and thanked him for the beautiful gift. At the same time I felt my I-thought-already-gone-for-good-mood coming back and even better than before. I found it so easy to finish the movie and when my husband was back home, I bluetooth the file to his laptop and asked him not to watch it until the next day.

At the end, we watched the movie together. He kissed and hugged me tightly and said, “I love you”. That’s enough to bring the satisfaction in me. We know very well that the road to happiness is very bumpy and slippery. If we do not hold on to each other, we will fall and break apart. We do not want that because we have put our everything to build this family and we will not allow anything, anyone, to destroy it, for better for worst, not even death will do us apart. That’s our commitment. Not easy to keep, but we have chosen to have it, so we are responsible to protect it. With God's help, we believe things are going to be easier for us.


Anonymous said...

v nice post.

luckily he didn't order sunflowers this time...

seems to all relationships become struggles, also suppose you just have to be stronger...

you should post that video on youtube :):);)

happy anniversary.

coffeeliqueur said...

Thank you, John..:D
I don't think I am ready to become an overnight super star on Youtube..he..he..he..

Anonymous said...

whoa.... happy anniversary yahhh mami potter.. i was touched by your post. So cute :P iyah, post the video on youtube..terus bagi2 buat kita2 ^^

coffeeliqueur said...

Thank you, angie. He..he..ogah ah taro video di youtube. ntar tiba2 gue banyak fansnya lagi..whe..he..he.