Friday, July 14, 2006

Life full of ups and downs

It's been almost a month since my last post. Life is full of ups and downs just within a month. I felt that I was at the lowest point of my life.

My son was hospitalized for 3 days a day after my last post because of high fever and viral infection. I literally run him to the nearest hospital at midnite to get some treatment because I am not allowed to drive with an expired driving license. Luckily the hospital is just 10 minutes away from my house. I had to stay with him and had to stay awake for 2X24 straight. The 3rd day when I arrived home, I collapsed for an hour because I was too exhausted and my body and mind couldn't take it anymore. I was too sleepy. Nobody was around so no one helped me. When I gained my consciousness, I got severe headache but I just had to stand it. I still need to take care my son. Then after he was discharged from the hospital, I had to take him back and forth to do some follow-up check ups with his pediatrician.

3 days after that I had to travel back to my home town to renew my driving license that has been expired for a year. This was quite a happy journey for me. I got a chance to be my parents' 'little' daughter again. I met all my good friends and meeting them is something that I have been dreaming of for ages. They lifted up my spirit a little bit.

After that it was my folks turned to visit me for 2 weeks. It was supposed to be a good 2-week for me to have my parents around to help me but instead, it was a hell 2-week for me because my son has to be admitted into the hospital for the 2nd time. I was super worried when I saw my son was shaking violently and turned to blue. Again, I literally run him to the hospital. Though I have a driving license at that moment, there is no car to drive. So, yeah, I got to run my son again to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, his pediatrician sent him to the treatment room straight away and gave him the I.V-drip and some oxygen to help him to breathe. It was quite a tense moment for me. My son had a very high fever and his blood count dropped so low far below the normal level. Again, it was because of viral infection. This time the virus has attacked all over his body. I was extremely sad and depressed. My baby and I had to stay in the hospital for 3 nites. Luckily for me this time I had my parents to help me but still I was the one who stayed in the hospital every night. My husband and my mom took turn to accompany me. On the 4th day my son was finally discharged from the hospital though his blood count was still far below the normal level and his body was full of rashes. His paed told me that the rashes were the normal reaction of viral infection. My parents went back home feeling sad for they had to leave me alone with my son who hasn't fully recovered yet. But they had no choice. They had to go back to work. So, for a week after hospitalization, I had to go back and forth to do some follow-up check ups.
Today, finally I received the good news that my son blood count is back to normal level and he is very healthy with no rashes. Thank you God!

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Lolita said...

wahh, moga2 daniel udah gpp skrng. kangen nihhh ><. Stay strong yahh, for strong is what we are. :)