Sunday, June 18, 2006

Women and breastfeeding part 2

I was a novice too in breastfeeding and got very frustrated and upset every time I heard my baby cried because I thought I had given my best to breastfeed him but no milk came out and he was still hungry. Fortunately for me, I was put in the post maternity hospital for 3 days. Over there I was taught to breastfeed correctly and to put my baby in the correct position to avoid the pain and to let the baby suck the milk instead of the air. I did cry a lot of time and I swore and cursed every time I had to nurse my baby. The midwives were so patient with me. They gave me pain killer and kept on helping me to put my baby in the correct position for nursing. For the whole first month of breastfeeding my baby, I didn’t do it correctly but I didn’t give up. Every time I broke down and got so frustrated, I called the Plunket and talked to them. They are always available for me 24/7. But still, my milk came out so little. I nearly gave up breastfeeding my baby when suddenly I got a phone call from a nice lady saying that she heard about me having baby and know nothing about taking care my baby. So, she agreed to come over to my place, showed me, guided me, and helped me to express my milk correctly and about some other first time-mother survival guides. The help I got from my friends are so great as well. One of good friend has a son and she is such a wonderful friend for ‘teaching’ me ‘motherhood 101’. She taught me by taking me into her house and gave loads of examples and she made sure I understand completely. I really do appreciate her help.

I just want to be like those people that have helped me. I just want to share my experience with these inexperience mothers. I really don’t mean to bug them and teach them as if I am the expert. I have learnt a lot when I breastfed my baby and I wanted to share that knowledge. I just hope they realize and know that her milk supply is always enough for their baby as long as they keep on giving their baby that precious milk to give the best protection for their babies. By giving your baby your breast milk, you have given your baby your love and their first IMMUNISATION. Mother’s milk is the best milk because it is full of love, protection, and is cheap. I wish all women knew about this. If you don't know, let me help you.

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