Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Welcome to the coffeeliqueur blog

Welcome to my blog!

This is not the first time I have a blog. My other blog is hosted by friendster (www.friendster.com) and I am still thinking to move the content over to this blog. I'm going to wait and at the same time learning about how to modify this blog to be better than my friendster blog.

I know about the Blogger website from The Star newspaper I read today. The article is about how easy it is for a person without any knowledge of programming to build a website by just using www.blogger.com or using iweb. The latter is for the Mac users.

So, here I am, posting my first blog to try on all the features this blogger can offer.
I have done some surveys and checked out on other blogs and looks like I am going to like this website to host my blog.

As a person that love to go for vacation or to visit some interesting places in the world, I find that this blog will help me to share my experience with you all. Just in case you want to visit the same place I have been, you can check out my blog to see if I have posted any stories about it. If not, I welcome you to share your story with me.

Read on people! I hope you like my way...the Coffeeliqueur way!

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