Friday, April 28, 2006

Crispy Fried Fish

One day during our weekly shopping trip to one of hypermarket closed to my house, my husband came to me with a full bag of small fishes. I have no idea what fish that is but I don't have to worry because my husband has screamed so loud to my ear "Belanak! Belanak! I bought some Belanak." while his hand showing me that bag full of small fishes. Oh Belanak fish. My husband's favorite.
He then asked me to deep fry the fishes for his dinner the next day. He said I didn't have to mix the fish with anything. Just fry them with the vegetable cooking oil. "Ok. I'll do that." I told my husband.
But then, the next day, when I was about the fry the Belanak after my maid cleaned them (I have a phobia of cleaning a fish so I can't clean the fish by myself), I came out with my own recipe of crispy fried fish. I'm sure my husband will like the fish to be crispier. So I started to mix the ingredients and then after leaving the mixture in the fridge until before dinner time, I deep fried the Belanak.

When my husband came back home, he quickly asked me to prepare his dinner because he knew that he was about to eat his favorite belanak fish.
When he ate the belanak, he asked me how I could make that belanak extra crispy. So, I told him about my crispy fried fish recipe. Then he asked me to fry every fish with my recipe.

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Kent Clark said...

Your blog is fascinating, particularly when there is 'human interest'. Keep up the good work.