Friday, April 21, 2006

Escape death

My whole family has proved how God never leaves us alone and we are so grateful to be given a second chance to live after the incident on Tuesday (11 April) early morning at 1am along North-South Highway on the way back home from vacationing in Jogjakarta.

At that time we were all extremely tired after our flight was delayed an hour in Solo and we still had to wait nearly 2 hours to retrieve our cargo bags because the airline has sent the luggages to the wrong airport. Our taxi driver has waited for nearly 3 hours at the airport to drive us back to our hometown and he also was very tired after working the whole day. The taxi driver just couldn't wait to send us back home as we were his last passengers for that day.

Finally at around 11pm, we were on our way back to our hometown which is around 3hour-driving from the airport. Since we were all very tired, we closed our eyes and started snoring. But then, I just heard 'a sound' that was telling me to stay awake. Though it was bloody hard to open my eyes because I was very sleepy, I forced my self to stay awake. Then I realized the taxi started to swerve from its lane, left and right, then in the middle of the lane, also the car speed has gone up and down between 110km/h to 60km/h back to 110km/h. I was like "what the hell is wrong with the car". I was trying to ask the taxi driver when I found out that the taxi drive was sleeping and snoring while driving the taxi!! God gracious! I quickly tapped my husband's shoulder who sat next to the driver and was snoring as well, to wake him up when at the same time, I saw the car swerved so badly and it nearly plunged into the ravine. I screamed so loudly asking where we were and the taxi driver woke up and tried his best to control the car.

Oh my God! How can he sleep and drive at the same time risking the passengers' lives?? I then asked my hubby to keep on talking to the driver to prevent him from fallen asleep. The taxi driver acknowledged that he was very sleepy. Oh thank goodness I wasn't asleep! Otherwise we all would never wake up anymore as the car might go down into the ravine.
Once we arrived home, I quickly prayed to God to thank Him for always be there for us and for saving our lives.

God is great!

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