Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Let's do the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Cutie the cute kitten is about to have his 5th birthday next month. Mommy cat told him that he can invite all his friends to his birthday party. Cutie is very excited. He wants to have the best birthday ever. He imagines himself surrounded by all his beloved friends who will sing Happy Birthday to him before he blows the 5 candles off. 

"I'm going to blow off all the candles by myself this time because now I am growing bigger and stronger.", said Cutie. 
Mommy dog smiles at her puppy and said,"Yes, you are right, Cutie! But you still have to eat more nutritious food to make you even growing bigger and stronger."

"I'm going to invite all my friends; the puppy with her mommy dog, the joey with his mommy Kangaroo, the calf with mommy cow, and the chick with mommy hen.", said Cutie.

Cutie's mom is an environmentalist. An environmentalist is someone that teaches others how to save the environment so that our Earth will stay beautiful and we can live in the Earth as long as possible. 
So, on his 5th birthday this time, everything will be made from the recyclable materials for the decorations and also all materials that will not destroy our Earth.

Cutie is counting the day to his birthday party. Everyday he will ask his mom,"Is tomorrow my birthday, Mommy?"
And his mom will answer him, "No, not yet, Cutie. It's still next month. But you have to help me to prepare for your birthday because we need to make some decorations. We also need to prepare for the plates and cups for your friends to eat and drink. We also need to make a pinata for you."
Cutie gets really excited about the birthday party especially when his mom asks him to help preparing for everything. 

"How can we make the pinata, Mommy?", Cutie asks.

His mom replies him,"Oh, we are going to make the pinata from recycle materials, baby. We will use pieces of newspaper and balloon that you got it from a party yesterday." 

"Really? How can we do that, mommy?", Cutie is amazed. 

His mom answers him,"Oh yes, my dear. We are going to pump the balloon again to make it bigger, then you will stick all the pieces of newspaper on that balloon using the flour that is mixed with water layer by layer. But we have to wait for each layer to dry up before we stick on some more paper to make the new layer. When the pinata already thick enough and strong, we will decorate with your drawing. You can draw anything you like on your pinata. Afterwards, we will pop up the balloon inside and we will fill up with so many candies and cover the pinata with cardboard I got from South Supermarket. South Supermarket put a small rectangle cardboard at the bottom of my shopping bag so that my groceries bag will not be wet. We can reuse that cardboard."

Cutie's eyes are round and big when he hears the explanation from his mom, then said,"Ok, I can do that! I can tear all the newspaper then stick them on the balloon." and Cutie is busy to make the pinata with his mom.

After that Cutie and his mom make the HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign on paper plates to be put on the wall. They also make the birthday invitation by themselves by recycling toilet roll tube into a beautiful shape of each animal that Cutie invites.

Then here comes Cutie's birthday. Cutie is super excited! All his friends come with their mommies. All of them are amazed with beautiful decorations and things that Cutie and his mom made for the party.
To reduce the amount of garbage from the party, Cutie's mom serve the food on the plates and cups that can be washed again and also made from materials that are friendly for our Earth. There are no plastic and styrofoam used in the birthday party because plastic and styrofoam are bad materials for our beautiful Earth. 

On the birthday party, Cutie and his friends make and decorate things from recyclable materials, such as the empty egg shells, the paper bag, and the toilet roll tubes. Cutie's mom explains how important it is to love our Earth by doing 3R that is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Every one really has so much fun learning about how to take part in saving our environment.

And when time to blow the candles, Cutie really blows all the 5 candles by himself. He is very proud that on his birthday, not only he grows bigger and stronger, but he and his friends also learn many things about saving the environment.

The End

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