Friday, November 27, 2015

The story from the new me ;)

Whoa!! Look at the date of my last post! It was posted in 2013! I've been absent for 2 years from the blogging world. And now, finally, I'm back writing this blog again. I appreciate those who still visit this blog. Thank you for reading my blog. I will try my best to post new story from the new me. ;)

In 2 years, there are so many things happened in my life and many things change and they are all for the better. Believe me! This year especially when I entered the magic number 40, when people say "Life begins at 40", I tell you, that is so true! I feel really different now. I feel like I have a brand new life! I feel more careful and a lot more thinking involved in what ever I do. I feel that I am a different person, a better me. This is the new me! You will notice that my story and my post will be different from the old me. My husband did warn me before about these changes as he has experienced it first and I'm just very happy with a more mature version of him now. We both now are very careful with each other so that we will not hurt each other's feelings. We try our best to understand each other as much as possible because we feel that fighting is not a solution and it is just a waste of energy and time. See... isn't it better now?

In 2 years of being vacuum from blogging world, I've learned to become a mompreneur. I've learned to run a business from the comfort of my home while still functioning as a full time-mom and a driver plus a tutor for my two children, and one of them is entering the teen year. Oh dear... can't you see how exciting my life is? So the word 'busy' is really an understatement for me... :) Every day I do not have a single minute to be wasted. I face so many challenges everyday but these challenges helped me to grow and to become more careful with things I do. Me-time and bed-time are highly appreciated these days. But still, I want to keep writing this blog. People love my story of life because my life is really exciting. So, yes, bare with me, keep coming back to this blog cause I may have posted a very interesting story you don't want to miss. ;)

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