Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time to renew my passport

From Evernote:

Time to renew my passport

Here I am at the Indonesian Embassy renewing my passport for the 4th times. 
Sitting in the waiting room while listening & watching if it is my turn to submit all the documents needed. 
And just like other people who live overseas, passport is my life. So I must get this thing done first before anything else. The passport is actually still valid but I have to renew it so I can book a ticket for my next trip.

There are so many people in the room already when I entered this room at around 10am after getting the form (free of charge), filling it up, getting my queue number, and taking my photo (also free of charge). 

I'm queuing just like anyone else and I am glad that the service here is pretty organized, clear and fast. I just got my number called, by the way. So I have submitted all my documents and got my receipt to collect my new passport later in an hour or two. I have asked my husband to take the kids back to the hotel and let them swim rather than waiting here with me. Children are bad at waiting so it's better to let them enjoy the trip here :)

This is the 4th time my passport is issued from Indonesian embassy everywhere in the world as I have been traveling everywhere & moving from one country to another. 

Every time I have a chance to go back home to Indonesia is always a privilege for me. So whenever I go back to Indonesia, I want to make the best of the time eating all the food that I have been missing while I'm overseas. I don't even care about gaining weight as I have another 1 or 2 years to exercise before I indulge on the delicious Indonesian dishes and street food again :)

But now I am still waiting for my number to be called again to collect my passport. So while waiting, I just continue writing. 

I'm excited to see my parents. They will join me here from Jakarta and will be spending time with me and my family for about 2 months. Yay! I'm so happy! I hope they won't have difficulties arriving at my place. I miss them so much already and so do my kids. They keep on talking about what to do when eyang & kakung (grandma & grandpa) are with them. Thanks to Air Asia, now every one can fly indeed :) 

I'm looking forward to eat my mom's food again. To me, she is always the master chef! No matter how I practice the same cooking using her recipe, still, it turns out different taste :(

My dad can't eat the food that I cook as he isn't familiar with the taste and the style of cooking. Same here! :) So, if my mom cooks, I'd better resign and just resume my job as the food eater :D

Ok, I think I'm getting bored and my new passport are still far from being completed. So I have to think of doing something else that will entertain me and lift up my spirit a little bit.

I'm still having a little bit of jet-lag after the long flight yesterday. I feel like somebody has taken away all my energy and if I'm given a pillow, I'll snooze right away Zzzzzz

I'm going to check out the canteen. Probably I can buy some Teh Botol there or some Indonesian food :) 

I'll be back writing again. Please come back and continue reading. I will tell you my story about my super cute purple baby chick ;)

Ok, I'm back, just wanna tell you that luckily I decided to go out of the room to check out the canteen as it turns out the new passport collection is outside! Fuih! I nearly missed my name to be called! No, not yet. I still have to wait for a while until I get my new passport. After I get it, I want to start enjoying my trip here, shopping, photo-shooting, swimming, eating as much as local dishes my stomach can take :)


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