Sunday, June 27, 2010

You have completed my life.

Two years ago every time I went to the mall, my heart ached. I saw there were many beautiful dresses for little girls. It was not easy to find great cloths for my little boy. Boy's attire was very plain and boring, not like those for little girls. I told myself, "If only I had a little girl, she would be very beautiful wearing those beautiful dresses." I felt that there was something missing in my life without the presence of a little girl that I could dress her up like a little princess.

And God listened to my wish, in two months, my beautiful little girl will celebrate her 2ndbirthday. To me, she is always perfect in anyways. 
Her face really looks like her daddy, especially her chin and her long nose, but her eyes are like my eyes; big and sparkling. Her two dimples always show up when she smiles. Her dimples are really a bonus from God to add on her beautiful face. 

One thing very unique about her appearence is her hair color. It is honey colored. It is not black at all like the rest of the family members. Maybe she carries her great great grand father's gene from my husband's side who has European blood. When I took her back home to Jakarta, my dad told me that she is alot more beautiful than me :) 
I agree. To me, she is the most beautiful girl in the world!

My girl is very talkative too. She is like a little bird who likes to  copy whatever words she hears. Her capability of pronouncing words are better than her brother at her age last time regardless of the language. She pronounces it clearly and correctly. She can already say complete sentences and can communicate well. Many people amaze with her language capability. For example: when her daddy is going to leave her for overseas duty, she hugs him while saying, "Daddy, I miss you." or when I carry her but she wants to walk instead, she will say, "Let go of me, Mommy. Put me down!" She can also answer people who ask her where her mommy and daddy are. If I am taking shower and her daddy is still in the office, she will say,"Mommy is taking shower and daddy is in the office." very clearly. When I take her for a ride in the car, she will say,"There are many different cars outside." and she is not even 2 years old yet. She is amazing, isn't she? 

She can also count to 10 perfectly and she loves to count anything, especially when she is about to jump to the swimming pool. She also knows that 1+1 is 2...But if you ask her other addition numbers like 2+2 or 2+1, her answer will be 2 also... :D

Oh, she loves so swim, by the way. She is one dare devil who will make my heart skip a beat everytime she is in the swimming pool. She is still too short to reach even the baby pool, but she doesn't care. She will jump into the pool and wiggle her hands and legs while laughing and screaming. I have to constantly monitor her or she will dive to the adult pool already.

My girl also loves to dance. She will dance every where whenever she hears some music. Usually she will draw attention from many people around her because she is just super cute. Her brother loves her very much although she loves to sink her teeth into her brother's body parts. Her favorite is his head. I don't know why but my son always ends up screaming in pain :( But then the brother always says,"It's ok to bite me." Oh my God, my children!

My little girl is very girly. She loves everything pink! She also loves to put on powder on face, put on lotion all over her body, and she even asks for some lipstick to be put on her lips :D Usually, I will just pretend to put on some on her lips, after that she will pat her lips with tissue and will ask me to carry her up to see her self in the mirror...:D
She loves to play cooking with her plastic kitchen utensils toys. She is really cute when she pretends to cook complete with the sound and action. Oh God! I wonder if I were like her too when I was her age...:)

The moment she could walk, she has become a shopaholic in training :D She loves to go to the mall to buy things. I want her to grow up to be my best friend so we can go shopping together or doing our hair together. I can't wait for that moment really. Now we are already best friend because she only wants to be with mommy. She is still breastfed too until now. Thank God I have plenty of milk supply for her :) I love you my beautiful little princess, you have completed my life.

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