Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday tickets from God

I am finally back in The Philippines after nearly a month taking vacation in Indonesia. Even if the situation here similar to my home country, it is still Home sweet home :) and I have a wonderful story to share with you about this trip.

I truly believe now that God was the One to reserve the plane ticket for this Indonesia trip. It was the answer to my prayer. But before the departure day, I was not so sure if I should really go because I was so paranoid with the comfort and health of my children in my home country. I was so paranoid until the day I departed from terminal 3 Ninoy Aquino Int'l airport. I got a terrible stomachache, panic attack, nervousness, nausea, etc. I dreaded going to Indonesia. I really wanted to cancel it. But on the other hand, I also didn't want to miss this opportunity.

So, there I went with my 5.5 years old and my 1.5 years old, also carrying 1 big cargo bag, 2 hand carry bags, 1 laptop bag, and a stroller. You can imagine how I managed to carry them all if it was not because I am a super woman :D Thanks to the porter service at the airport too :)

It was raining so heavily when we departed from the new NAIA, making my heart even more reluctant to go to Indonesia. I tried my best to be as calm and patient as possible especially towards my children who tested me to the maximum. They got so excited wanted to fly on the plane. One kid run on my right direction, the other one run to the left while I was busy clearing the immigration. My eyes had to be extra alert with the presence of my kids. I had to constantly make sure both kids were within my sight. Thank God the children got so tired when they entered the plane. After I fed them, they snoozed right away and didn't wake up until we landed at Soekarno-Hatta Int'l Airport, Jakarta, 4 hours later. There again, the kids were so impatient during immigration clearance. My daughter woke up because she felt so hot. I don't know what happened with the air-conditioner at CGK airport. Thank God the immigration officer was understanding. He sped up the process and I finally made it to get out of the airport.

I can't describe how happy I was to see my parents who picked us up at the airport. My mom took over everything from my shoulder. My dad drove us back home, home that I am not familiar with. The surrounding has changed so much I could not even find the house in where I grew up. When we finally entered the house, it was 1am. We were too tired to tell stories, so we went to bed right away. My children and I spent a week in Jakarta. My children learned the life I used to have growing up in that house. They met my neighbors. They made new friends. They were happily forcing the kids from the neighborhood to speak English so that they can communicate and play together. I was so relieve that everything went alright for a week we were in Jakarta, except for the heat rash my children suffered from :(

Then I took the kids and my parents flew to Yogyakarta. We took Air Asia so we departed from the new Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta Int'l Airport. When we landed in Adisucipto Int'l airport, Yogya was just hit by a heavy thunderstorm. So we missed it, praise the Lord!Since we were all very hungry, we stopped by at Tosoto restaurant at Jln Palagan Km 7,9 Sleman, Yogyakarta. I recommend you to stop by here because they serve many kinds of delicious soto (traditional Indonesian meat soup) and other dishes with very cheap price. 

My children were so happy to meet their cousins again. The last time they met, all of them were still babies. Now they could play hide and seek already :)
The first day in Yogya, everything was still fine. Then, on the 2nd night, my daughter suddenly developed a very high fever and she was crouching fighting a very bad stomachache. I took her to see a Pediatrician early in the morning. The doctor said she might have a diarrhea. 
But then, after 3 days, she still had diarrhea and even higher fever. I got so panic. I took her to Emergency Unit of Jogya International Hospital. There, her blood sample was taken for test because she might get dengue virus. I was so nervous waiting for the blood test result. And when it came out, the doctor informed me that it was not dengue but it was positive typhoid and my daughter had to be inserted with IV drip for she was already too dehydrated. I was heart broken to hear the news and to see my little girl so weak. I accompanied her to stay in the hospital for 5 days. 

On the first 3 days, she refused to eat/drink anything other than breastmilk and water. I prayed day and night for her recovery. On the 3rd night she was in the hospital, I received the news that my son who stayed in my cousin's house with my parents, was having high fever of 39.8°C! He screamed and cried so loud asking my parents to take him to see me because he hasn't seen me for 4 days. I was in the hospital and I could not go to see my son because my daughter only wanted to be with me, especially for the breast-milk. My son could not come to the hospital because the typhoid is contagious. I was even more heart broken and confused and frustrated and extremely sad. I didn't know what to do. I cried and cried. I felt so hopeless. I tried to call my husband who was in Philippines to help me to talk to my son. But things got worse instead :( My husband was also very frustrated. He could not fly to see us because he was stuck with his work. I just knelt down and prayed. Trying my best to calm down. I called my parents to take my son to see me in the clinic. So, the next day, my son came and saw me. His fever went down right away and didn't come back until his sister was discharged from hospital. Apparently he missed me too much. He has never been separated from me more than a night. 

When at the end we were all under 1 roof again, I felt so grateful that God listened to my prayers. My daughter recovered well too. After she was discharged, she ate a lot and she took many kinds of vegetables. Her body told her that she needed more vegetables. She gained weight quickly and praise the Lord things were smoother since then on. We were trying to catch up on our lost holiday times.We were having great times for the remaining days of our holiday in Indonesia. I got a chance to attend a reunion dinner with my ex-schoolmates whom I haven't seen for more than 20 years. I really had a blast! That night was the happiest night! I was just so happy I didn't even feel exhausted until I fell sick. 

I got a terrible flu just a day before my departure day back to Manila.Though I was already so sick and so weak, I still had to force myself to drag the children for our last leg of the journey, back to Manila. Again the children tested my patience, but the feeling of going back 'home' to see my husband again, has lifted up my spirit. God is great all the time. He made my kids slept during the flight. They woke up to see their father standing in front of them to pick us up at the airport. They run and hugged him so tightly and repeatedly kissing him. I felt so relieved. I made it! Back with the kids safely :)

It was a wonderful trip that has strengthened my relationship with my family and friends and it has also taught me many lessons along the way to shape me into a tougher and wiser person. Thank you God for the tickets to Indonesia and thank you for accompanying and guiding me always. I always believe that Your plan is a good plan.


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