Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer vacation to Indonesia

Next week I will fly back to my home country, Indonesia. I haven't been back for nearly 2 years. This time I will go back only with my 2 children, a 5 years old and a 1.5 years old; no hubby and no maid to accompany me. I know it won't be easy but I will have to try to manage the situation well or I will never be able to go back home. My other half is very busy working and I don't even want to waste my time wishing he would join us. I hope the children will cooperate with me so that it will be easier for me to take care of everything. This time it will be my daughter's first time to visit her mother's home country. My parents really can't wait to see us. They are so excited. The last time they saw my children was Christmas 2008, before we moved to Philippines.They are counting the days and texting me everyday. :)

I thought I would be excited too to go back home but the truth is, I am very worried and very paranoid because of all the news I heard everyday about the situation in my home country. The spreading of Dengue, measles, and chicken pox everywhere in my home country make me so paranoid to bring my children there, not to mention about bird flu, H1N1 flu, and everything else. I know they have been immunized against measles and chicken pox but what about Dengue? We will be staying at my parents' house and there are so many mosquitoes there because there is a big drain in front of my parents' house and the water doesn't
flow and it is very dirty. A little bit of rain pours down, and my parents' house will be flooded.

Even now, we are still in the comfort of our home in Philippines, my children are down with terrible flu. My daughter has lost her voice because of sore throat that led to cough and cold. I have tried my best to protect them by giving them good nutritious food and plenty of drink. I give them vitamin everyday too. I even took them to go swimming or playing in the park. But still, their bodies can't fight this terrible flu virus that comes with the changes of weather from hot sunny day to cold rainy day. So that's adding to the reason why I am very paranoid to bring them to my home country.

Another reason that makes me not too excited to go back home is because I am not too familiar with the situation there anymore. There are so many what-happen-if questions buzzing in my head. My parents are getting older and they just had another granddaughter last week. She is my brother's third child and my brother still hasn't been able to find a maid to help them. Now I am not sure my parents can help me to take care of my children because my brother will need their help more.

But then again, I don't deny the fact that I really do miss my home country: the food, the language, the happenings, the dust and the people I have not seen for years (but I certainly never miss the traffic jam there). 
I have been trying my best to follow the situation there through Facebook, SMSes, and emails (too expensive to make a call to Indonesia from Philippines, so I seldom call).

My parents have assured me that everything will be alright for me and my children during our visit to Indonesia because my parents, with the help of all family members, will make sure that my children and I are well taken care of. My parents have tried their best to clean up the house and to minimize the presence of the mighty mosquitoes. All I can do now just leave it to God. I always believe that His plan is always the best plan. He was the one to make sure I could get a cheap ticket so I could go back home for my beloved family have been missing me and my children very much.

While I'm in Indonesia, I won't be able to connect to the Internet too often. I will update with story from Indonesia when I return to Philippines. Enjoy your summer vacation, everyone!


johnorford said...

It will all be alright missus! You grew up in Jakarta without a scratch afterall!! : P

coffeeliqueur said...

Whe..he..he..Thanks for reminding me that, John..:D