Saturday, May 16, 2009

The perfect storm

How's everyone doing? We are still in Ipoh, by the way. We should have departed last Friday. I'm doing great after last week I was at the lowest period of my life. I have been trying my best to cope with the pressure of relocating overseas with the whole family.

But last week, I could not take the pressure anymore. It was the worst mother's day for me. I was down with a very bad bad sore throat and my body temperature was nearly 400C. I have not been having a good rest since my husband informed me that we had to ship the stuffs by Monday. I stayed awake as long as I could to do the packing and sorting all things we planned to ship. A mother can't be sick because when she's sick, everything at home will freeze. So, I was already very weak and was under medication but I fought the sleepiness so that I could finish the job on time. I was like a zombie. No one helped me. My husband was very busy with his work and was busy running errands too. Every time he came home at night only to do his own things. I tried my best to stay calm but unfortunately, my body & mind really could not take it. I was exhausted. So, last weekend, I begged my husband to help me to suck the air out of the vacuum bag to keep the big blankets & bedsheets flat. I think it was quite a simple thing to do but before my husband did it, he asked me 1001 silly & unimportant questions hoping I would change my mind of asking him to do the job. I blew up. I was like a volcano ready to erupt anytime and my husband was very pissed off with me for blowing up just because he asked questions. Oh man! If only he was a little bit sensitive to my feeling, he would have been able to feel how I was already depressed with the situation. Everything was just too much for me to handle alone. I needed his help at home just once and with his own way, he was successful to annoy me. I quickly pulled my self together because I would waste time getting angry and nothing would be accomplished.

At that night, I was about to end my day when suddenly I felt my baby's body temperature was very hot. I threw away the thermometer once I saw the number has passed 39.60C and it was still increasing. Panic, I grabbed my baby and my car key and drove her to the hospital. She was admitted right away and stayed in the hospital for 3 days. I was still very sick and obviously my baby got the virus from me. I had to stay with her in the hospital all the time. I haven't finished packing, the house was in a complete mess when I left, and the shipping company would come to collect our shipment in 10 hours. So, it was like a perfect storm. All I could do just pray and left everything to God to do the magic for me.

When the shipping company came, my husband had no choice. He had to stay in the hospital while I worked together with the shipping company to complete everything that day. My husband also called part time maid to help me to clean up the house. I finished whatever I had to do that day and quickly returned to the hospital to accompany my baby. We had no choice. We had to delay our departure. We certainly do not want to be quarantined when we land.

And today, my baby and I are recovering well. We still have many days to spend here in Ipoh and I do not have to pack anymore. At the moment, I'm just going to spend my time with the children as much as I can. I may have neglected them quite a bit when I was very busy doing the packing. I use this moment to take a rest as well. My work will continue in the new place; unpacking and unloading the stuffs. I believe God will do the magic (again) for me.

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johnorford said...

sorry to hear this, am sure u'll survive.

being in a new place might be good also! u never know what's around the next corner missus.