Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I like it NOT moving moving...

Tomorrow will be the last working day for my maid who has been working with me for 3 years. She told me she'll miss Ipoh. Oh well, I believe she's not alone. I will miss Ipoh very much too. My maid will be sent home because I'm taking the whole family to move overseas and we can't take her along. The economic crisis has left us with no other options than to go to where we can find better opportunity to survive. This sudden news of relocation is the reason why I have not found some time to post stories in my blog. I knew it was coming but I was not expecting it to come so soon. I thought I would have to move by end of this year. So, since my return from Chinese New year vacation, I have been trying my best to get as much as information about the new place, to pack little by little and to prepare for our transition as smooth as possible especially with the children.

To tell you the truth, I'm very sick and tired of moving house because this time it will be my 6th time in 10 years. In all 6, not only do I have to move house to another country but I also have to move house across the ocean. Every time I was about to feel home and comfortable to the new surrounding, I'm plugged out of my comfort zone and moved somewhere else and become a stranger and have to start everything from zero again. I feel really tired. I want to settle down somewhere I feel most comfortable in but I guess now it isn't the right time yet.

As I have told you before, no one is immune to this economic downturn. Everyone will be affected one way or another and I can't afford to allow it to affect me and my family too much. I have to help my other half to fight this crisis so that our family can survive and our children get a chance to live a comfortable life. If I want to be selfish, I can just decide to stay back in Ipoh with the children but then I will deprive the children from their time to spend with their father. Besides, I don't really trust men... ;)

So, I have to keep my self calm and stay cool to face the complexity and complication of relocating the house with 2 young children. I take it one day at a time. I plan and schedule my days. I even have to send my 4-year old son to a day care so that I have time to do things at home while taking care of my 8-month old baby who has started to crawl and is learning to stand and walk.

With my maid's departure the day after tomorrow, I will have to do things around the house all by myself. The hardest thing is to pack with my baby crawling around. Many times I have to extract her from under the table or chairs. I also still have to breastfeed her as she is allergic to cow's milk and she can only eat food that I cook because I have to make sure that it doesn't contain cow's milk. Another thing I have to deal with my maid's departure is my son. My maid has helped me to take care of my son since he was 1-year old. Now, he will have no choice than to do things by himself as much as he can. I've been training him but since he knew that my maid is there to help him, he refuses to try. So, I think this is a blessing in disguise for me so that from now on, only my voice can be heard and only mommy is in charge... :D If you've read my previous post about my maid, you would know that I do have problem with the maid around. She does help me with the housework, but she has forgotten who should be in charge of the house.

Please wish me luck in the new place and I hope to post more stories as often as possible. If I could be granted a wish, I really wish NOT moving...moving... :)

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where u moving to?