Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Potty training

My 3.8 years old son has just completed his potty training project. Now he is completely free of diaper, day and night. Yeah..I know..I know...it's a bit late but I am very satisfied with the process and the result. Basically, my son has already passed his potty training project for no-diaper during the day long time ago when he was only 2.5 years old. So, the potty training project this time was only for the night.

Only about 2 weeks ago, I finally got a green light from my husband to potty-train my son for no-diaper at night though I've been quietly training him as and when my hubby was not around but no good progress because my son knew he could still wear diaper when daddy was around.
My husband was very concerned about my son's lack of sleep if he had to be waken up in the middle of the night to pass urine and worried about me not having enough sleep if I had to wake up my son. But I believe, he was just very lazy to wake himself up to help my son to go to toilet at night and he didn't like our maid to put on her long face when she had to do more cleaning and washing of bedsheet, etc.,so my hubby requested me to keep my son diaper on longer.

So, after some jokes about my son not being able to let go his diaper until his teenage time, my husband finally opened up his eyes and agreed to help me to wake my son up and even to carry him to toilet every night to pass urine.

The project didn't go well for the first 1 week and of course, my maid really didn't like this project because she had to wash not only our bedsheet but also the blanket and pillow covers (though we put mattress protector, my son just couldn't sleep on 1 place), but she had no more supporter anymore since my hubby was on my side..wha..ha!
After the 1st week when my hubby was not around, I had to do the job of waking my son up and drag him to toilet (I'm pregnant so it's imposible to lift him up). Everynight before he sleeps I keep on telling and whispering to my son's ears not to pee on the bed. Miraculously, up to present, he nevers fails to wake up by himself and wake me up instead to help him to go to toilet.

Wha..ha..ha..I'm so happy that my son and I completed the project successfully only within 2 weeks. I thought it would take longer. This is great because then I don't have to buy more diaper for him. The cost can be allocated for his baby sister later.


Ailia said...

Hi tia, i lyk ur blog. i hope i can make jamari use d toilet. in d day i try her not to wear diaper just only wen she go to bed.save a little for diaper.wen shes not wearing diaper just underwear she will go to d cr to pee in d floor. and sumtimes she likes to pee on d stairs.silly girl:)

coffeeliqueur said...

Hi mommy ni Ailia ;)

Thank you for visiting my blog. I haven't been updating my blog. I'm too lazy to sit too long in front of computer. I prefer to watch some movies now to entertain my self..:)

Anyway, last time Daniel also would pee every where, at every corner of the house which is very dangerous especially if it's on the staircase. You really have to be ready all the time with the mop...:)
It is important for the children to understand the word "before the pee is out" and "after the pee is out". They have to learn to inform mommy or anyone "BEFORE" pee is out...:)