Tuesday, July 08, 2008

32 weeks pregnant

I'm 32 weeks pregnant at the moment. Since the day I entered the third trimester pregnancy, I could feel that the most comfortable period of pregnancy has slowly been going away. My tummy is growing bigger everyday and it gets heavier. My body puts on weight as well though it is not too much compared to my first pregnancy. So far, I only put on about 7 kilograms.
My center of gravity has moved too and this makes me walk like a penguin. I have trouble sleeping every night because the baby tries to adjust her position all the time and I feel the pain in my lower hips every time I change position while sleeping. According to the scan, it's a baby girl, by the way. I hope it's right so I can 'close shop' with 1 boy and 1 girl... :)

Two weeks ago, I went for check up because I felt that the baby's position was already very low and I felt a painful cramp in my lower abdomen. I thought I was about to give birth already. But luckily it was only a false alarm. The baby's head was still in breech presentation. My ob/gyn asked me to stop walking too much but to sit up right and stand straight instead so that the baby could turn the head down by the force of gravity. I think this false alarm was triggered by the incident I had during the day when I had to walk up and down the staircase of more than 11 floor because the only 2 lifts in my apartment were malfunctioning.

Today, I went for my check up again and the good news is that the baby's head is already in the right position (cephalic presentation). I also had my tetanus jab (my 2nd time. I had it before when I was small) and now my left arm is very very sore... :(
The bad news is that my urine contains a slightly high level of protein. My ob/gyn is a bit concern about this because high level of protein in urine during pregnancy can lead to preeclampsia condition.

According to this website: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/01/050111122343.htm,
if it is not monitored, preeclampsia can rapidly escalate to eclampsia, a condition in which a massive rise in blood pressure causes the mother to suffer a series of potentially fatal complications and forces premature delivery of the infant.

So far, I do not suffer from high blood pressure and my sugar level is still normal. Hopefully my protein level won't bring any danger to my pregnancy and me so that I can continue the pregnancy to the full term and the mother and baby will be in good condition and healthy during delivery. Please pray for me and my baby.


johnorford said...

hey tia, will b thinking about u and ur baby. not too long to go now :)

coffeeliqueur said...

Hi John, Thank you very much. Long time no news from you??

johnorford said...

yeh long time. no not too much news... hopefully this nyc move will happen sooner rather than later...