Thursday, August 30, 2007

Singapore - Hongkong - Malaysia

Just my 2 cents worth to help you planning your travel in December, my dear friend.

At this moment, it's better for you to go to Hongkong directly from Singapore rather than from Malaysia because the plane ticket is cheaper (SQ VS MAS). If you book a tour package, check it out here
Reliance is ok. You can plan your own trip to HKG at From Singapore, then you can take Aeroline ( bus/train to Kuala Lumpur. But then it's up to you.

From Kuala Lumpur, you take a taxi to Ipoh. Just let me know when you want to go to Ipoh so that I can book the taxi for you. This is my appointed taxi so you don't have to worry. From KL (city) - Ipoh, the taxi fee is RM180 (not RM180 anymore. See update below).

Update: Taxi fee from KL (city) to Ipoh is RM200, while from KL airports (LCCT/KLIA) to Ipoh is RM220.

From Ipoh, you can go to Thailand easily. Here are the options for you:
  1. Take train (Kereta Api tanah melayu) from Ipoh Central Station to Hatyai (south Thailand). Just buy a one way ticket unless you want to visit Ipoh again on the way back..;) In Hatyai, you can shop and eat till you drop because things are cheap and yummy. If you visit Hatyai then you want to go back to Malaysia, you can take train again directly to Kuala Lumpur Sentral station.
  2. Take a plane (MAS or Air Asia) from Penang airport to either Bangkok or Phuket. My appointed taxi driver can take you to Penang airport. It's 2 hour-driving the most from Ipoh so it's nearer compared to if you fly from KL ( 2.5 - 3 hours). If you want to join a tour, you can find out from, or
You can buy a return plane ticket. Then from Penang, buy a 1-way ticket to fly to Kuala Lumpur.

From Kuala Lumpur airport ( LCCT if you take Air Asia. KLIA if you take MAS) or from Kuala Lumpur Sentral station (if you take train from Hatyai), you can take taxi directly to Melaka. It's not too far. It will be about 2 hour the most (1 hour or less if you depart from KL airport). Check out the route here:

There is no flight from Ipoh to Melaka.


Anonymous said...

Hi I plan to go to KL and Ipoh in the summer. Can you give me the contact for the KL-Ipoh taxi. Thanks. siuyublog.

coffeeliqueur said...

Can you give me your email (you can give thru this comment form. I won't publish it)? I'll email you the taxi phone numbers. Thank you for visiting my blog.